Vedic Horoscope 2013

Vedic Astrology Sun Sign Horoscope for 2013

Welcome to the New Year! It’s time to take a                                                                               look at the year ahead and see what insightszodiacwheel we can gain from the astrological transits influencing our Vedic Sun Signs. Though it is most common to view one’s birth chart based on the Ascendant sign, most of us do not know our Ascendant sign unless we’ve had our Vedic charts read. For that reason, I have chosen to provide a Vedic Sun Sign Horoscope for 2013. The Sun in our birth charts represents our souls. It is the deeper part of our Selves, the part that seeks to understand our karma, our dharma, and the essence of our existence.

Finding Your Vedic Sun Sign in the Sidereal Zodiac

Vedic Astrology is based on the Sidereal Zodiac, which is approximately 25-26 degrees backwards from the Tropical Zodiac of Western Astrology. Western Astrology is based on the seasons, whereas Vedic Astrology, also known as Jyotisha or the study of light, is based on the positions of the stars. The Latin root sider- of Sidereal means star. By looking up at the stars and the heavenly bodies, we can see that the planetary positions of Vedic Astrology match where the planets are in the Astronomy.

Find your Vedic Sun Sign by seeing where your birthdate falls in the following list: (Horoscopes are below)

April 13 – May 12: Aries – Mesha

May 13 – June 13: Taurus – Vrishibha

June 14 – July 14: Gemini – Mithuna

July 15 – August 15: Cancer – Karkata

August 16 – September 15: Leo – Simha

September 16 – October 15: Virgo – Kanya

October 16 – November 15: Libra – Tula

November 16 – December 14: Scorpio – Vrishchika

December 15 – January 13: Sagittarius – Dhanus

January 14 – February 12: Capricorn – Makara

February 13 – March 12: Aquarius – Kumbha

March 13 – April 12: Pisces – Mina

To learn more about your Vedic Zodiac Sign click here.

For a Vedic Astrology Birth Chart Reading click here.

2013 Horoscopes:

Mesha (Aries):

The first half of 2013 continues with the financial and educational luck of 2012. Many of you have, or will come into some inheritance. From June onward good fortune comes from siblings, neighbor relations, and communication, especially writing and the internet. July would be a good time to return to a communication project or idea that you’ve set aside. Mid-March to mid-April there will be much social activity, both pleasant and dramatic, and an old friend or a few might reappear. This period might also bring changes in income and career opportunities. Relationships will be either deep and committed or prevented by obstacles. March to July will intensify relationships or the lack thereof, and a former partner or relationship issue could return late October to mid-November.

Vrishibha (Taurus):

Until June your luck comes from being you, the true you. Present yourself to the world openly and honestly, and luck will follow. The second half of the year brings fortune with or from family. It would also be a good time begin a new course of study or take big exams if necessary. If you are thinking of going back to school, late June to late July would be the best time. Someone may return in your work environment Feb.-March, or you may go back to a former job or position. Take good care of health and the everyday stuff of life this year, as there may be some challenges in these areas. Put effort into structuring your daily routine and nourishing your bones and immune system. Relationships are highlighted in January and November.

Mithuna (Gemini):

Spending time alone delving deep within or going on a long journey or retreat will be very beneficial during the first half of the year. From June onward you will feel like a new you and things will just seem to fall into place. The loss of someone or something in your life could also open up great possibilities. Fortune will come from letting go. Romance may be slow moving throughout the year. A love interest from long, long ago, or an older former love interest might come back into your life March-June. Creative endeavors will take time but will be worth the patience, and a possible intellectual surge may come late Oct.-mid-November. Relationships are sweetest and luckiest in January and December, and are likely to be very intense, whether short or long term.

Karkata (Cancer):

Friends, social life, and money continue to bring good times, but by summer you may feel more like withdrawing a bit from so much social, and superficial, activities and begin searching for more depth and meaning in your life. Dive into the deeper psychological and spiritual pursuits to grow from within. There you will find your fortune. Long journeys may be in store as well. Your home may need some structural work, with spring and early summer being the best time to remodel. This is also a good year to strengthen the family structure, maybe even welcome a new, or returning member late fall. Pleasure and peace grace your relationships late February into March. This same period may bring a renewed interest in the mystical and occult, but also be careful not to over-spend and run up debt.

Simha (Leo):

Good Fortune lies in your career sector as the year begins and continues until June, when it fills your wallet and/or your social calendar through the rest of the year, with the greatest returns in late June and July. Throughout 2013 there will be a lot of work to do with communication, writing, and the internet that will require a lot of patience and restructuring and organizing. The spring and early summer will be the most intense time for this. Affirmation of your patient work might come in October or November. A former flame might reappear in Feb.-March, and relationships are both exciting and dramatic in March and April. Be wary of illusions and being overly dreamy. Trust your intuition and gut feelings concerning others.

Kanya (Virgo):

Traveling to foreign countries, studying spiritual philosophies, and joining a religious community all bring luck to you during the first half of the year. After that steer your focus towards your career. Good fortune awaits. It’s a good time to add to or start saving and investing money for the future, although finances may be stretched thin March to July. Nevertheless, building that foundation now will be very helpful down the road. Health issues might pop up around March, possibly with a recurring condition. Be sure to get plenty of rest and solid sleep. Relationship issues come head to head in April, but this energy could also bring in a lot of passion. Relationships that begin with a whirlwind and end just as suddenly are not unlikely.

Tula (Libra):

Shifts, changes, and losses will fill the first six months of 2013, but these will open the doors for expansion and personal growth in the second half of the year. Expand your world view, travel the globe and deep within, or begin a course of study. Wisdom will become your good luck charm. Late winter an interest in a special someone or a creative project is reignited. May and June bring relationship joys and passionate drives. Throughout the year past karma in relationships will have to be dealt with. This may leave you feeling isolated or cut off at times. Overall this a year to focus on yourself and your ambitions, as long as those ambitions are building bases for you to build upon for several years to come. Spring to early summer will bring delays but also important lessons. Slow down and take the time to learn all you can.

Vrishchika (Scorpio):

Good luck comes in relationships and from relationships until late spring. After that good luck lies in seeking the mystical and mysterious, research, analyzing your dreams, and getting out of debt. Changes and losses will also be educational. However this year you may feel confined, both physically and psychologically, by your situations. Debt and losses define much of the year. Patience, meditation, and counseling will greatly help you ride through the challenges and isolation. The Universe has set aside this time for tremendous spiritual growth and transformation. Accept and embrace it, for there is much for you to learn. July through late August will be especially intense, but intensity you can handle and even thrive on.

Dhanus (Sagittarius):

Until June watch what you eat and get plenty of exercise in your daily routine. It will be easy to gain weight and have diet related health concerns, but if you structure your diet and fitness activities your health will be robust. It’s an excellent time to address any health issues. Luck reigns down on your relationships in the second half of the year, and you will be drawn to an intellectual in early summer that you may have met before. Communications are a bit mysterious, but active, February to March. There may be a distancing from friends and social situations, especially from March through mid-July, but this will allow you to see who your true and reliable friends are. Firm up these foundations, for they will be long lasting friendships.

Makara (Capricorn):

Children, creativity, and romance all bring joy and good fortune in the first half of the 2013. Beginning in June, return to a health or work routine that you had fallen out of. Health should be good if you take good care of it. Luck comes from volunteering and being of service in your community. Mid-July to mid-August relationships are at their sweetest, but October and November may bring some tension. Challenges this year come in your career, with a possible job loss or a return to an old one in the spring and early summer. October to November will bring some ease to the career obstacles. Though it may be very frustrating, try to be patient. Whatever career connections, relations, networking, and training you do and build now, will set things up for the years to come.

Kumbha (Aquarius):

The first half of the year would be a good time to buy a home or start a family. Luck comes from all things related to your family, house, home, and even your mother. From the summer onward, your fortune lies in your children, working with children, and any creative endeavors you may be developing. Romance will be sweet as well, with highlights in early summer. Throughout the summer relationships will be pleasant and loving with some heated passion added during late summer. It may be best to put your dreams of long distance travel aside for the year, though your dreams and ideas are strong. This is a good year to do the research and planning. Short trips, especially for spiritual purposes, are best in the fall. These may also set the foundations for bigger travel and greater spiritual pursuits in the next few years.

Mina (Pisces): 

Short trips, communications, and relationships with siblings expand into the new year. From the summer on, growth and good luck enters your home environment. Relationships are smooth throughout the year until December when things might heat up. Your watery nature may rock like tsunami waves with sudden changes occurring in your life. You yourself will make some of these night and day decisions, but the changes that come will help you understand the deeper parts of your being and Being itself. Explore and study to understand the occult, the unknown, death, depth psychology, and the dream world. This educational foundation and self-study will open up a new world to you over the next decade and beyond.

42 Responses to Vedic Horoscope 2013

  1. Renna Shesso says:

    In this system, I’m a Leo, and so far (in late March) it’s spot on. Thanks!

    • Chagall says:

      I was going to comment spot on as well – for Taurus here now it’s July – saw this first comment and took it as a sign to leave a reply here. —–Chagall (and I do mean very spot on)

      • Wow thank you! It’s great to get feedback. I honestly found writing a horoscope for the masses (versus reading an individual’s chart) very challenging. This was my first one (besides the Monthly Tarotscopes), but so far so good. :-)

      • Chagall says:

        You’re welcome. And I do mean uncannily spot on, events and timing, No stretching involved to try to get it to fit. —–Chagall

  2. Thanks for the feedback! Namaste!

  3. AnnsTarot says:

    Thanks for the follow! Looking forward to these posts! :)

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  5. Kaz Atman says:

    I love Vedic astrology! Thanks for the follow :)

  6. kartikasays says:

    I love Vedic astrology and have had my chart done many times by Vedic astrologers – thanks for posting this! Kartika :)

  7. Thanks for the info.

  8. Scarily accurate! Im a scorpio!

    • Ooh, thanks! Not too scary I hope! Feedback is much appreciated. I found writing a general horoscope challenging (prefer individual readings). Hard to read intuitively for billions of people! ;-)

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  10. kartikasays says:

    I read this for my sign and it was very accurate – really amazing! I love your articles on Vedic astrology. :)

  11. Wow great prediction! I read it now – in late May already and i can see how much of it did happen already! Thanks for sharing all these things, your blog is really interesting!

    • Thank you so much! This was my first and so far only attempt at a horoscope for the masses (besides the monthly Tarotscope), and though I found it incredibly challenging (knowing how different each of the 6+ billion people’s birth charts are) I seemed to do ok. ;-) Namaste _/l\_

  12. so im a taurus under this astro system. very interesting indeed! glad to announce that health wise im great (knock on a whole hell of a lot of wood) but ill keep my eyes open as suggested. also, i did return to the type work i had quit 3 years ago. who knew? you knew! and the stars.
    o and om

  13. Knowing more about the deeper parts of myself sounds exciting for this Pisces.
    Enjoyed reading this

  14. Livonne says:

    wow.. just read thjis.. I’m a Leo and it’s spot on so far…

  15. Harsha says:

    Great Article really loved it…keep up the good work :-)

  16. blomman82 says:

    Interesting! Thank you for visiting my blog! <3

  17. ShubhraTarot says:

    With commencement of July, your predictions sounds accurate. I am Capricorn!

  18. fgassette says:

    Thank you for visiting my blog today. I appreciate the time you took to stop by. May your day be filled with joy and peace.

  19. Thanks for liking my post Julianne- I’m enjoying your’s as well. Namaste!

  20. belsbror says:

    Hi! I nominated you for the Shine On Award. Please get the badge at and get more info. Have a great day. :)

  21. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a like!
    The Pisces horoscope seems to be holding true for me. The publication of my book this summer has led me in some interesting directions regarding dreams, psychology and spirituality.

  22. Kris says:

    Here in October….insanely accurate for Makara (capricorn). I hope your last sentence is prophetic as I am returning to an old job though I really don’t want to…..

  23. Look like very interesting, I am Geminis. Thanks a lot!

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