The Rashi of Mina (Sign of Pisces)

According to Vedic Astrology, today the sun enters                                                               into Pisces. As the 12th sign of the zodiac, Pisces signifies achievement and endings, not the ending of all, but the ending of one stage for a new stage to begin. The symbol of Pisces is the two fish facing opposite directions in a form reminiscent of the yin-yang symbol. It is a harmonious interaction of positive and negative vibrations and energies, where duality ceases, and the individual becomes one with the Universe/God.

Pisces is a mutable water sign ruled by Jupiter. Ascendant in Pisces indicates one may have rounder/watery features and body, and be artistic, motherly, or have an affinity to be near water. Sun in Pisces indicates one may be deeply driven to understand the mysteries of the dark, silent, and infinite cosmos, the great ocean. Moon in Pisces indicates one may be very emotional, dreamy, spiritual, or “far-out”. The house where Jupiter sits in each individual’s chart, as well as the aspects from the other planets, etc., will influence how these indications play out in each individual’s life.

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  1. Oh my. I actually understand the second paragraph now! 😀 😀

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