The Rashi of Mesha (Sign of Aries)

The sun is now a week into the sign of Aries,                                                                             the first sign of the zodiac. Aries signifies the start of new cycles and new beginnings. It represents future possibilities, new creative energy, adventure, and the unexplored. The symbol of Aries is the ram, sheep, or goat. Under the influence of this sign, one may be impulsive and selfish, bubbling and busting with potential, and bossy and autocratic. However, if one’s heart and soul remain strong, the influence of Aries can make one highly successful, courageous, and a passionate leader.

Aries is a cardinal fire sign ruled by Mars. Ascendant in Aries indicates one who likes to be the first and the best in whatever they do, and is very active, ambitious, impulsive, and/or arrogant. The Martian quality can give one a “red” appearance: hair, eyes, skin, or even hot-blooded. Sun in Aries indicates one has a deeper passion that drives one’s actions, often towards manifesting the soul in this realm of matter, and searching for an ideal. Moon in Aries indicates one may have fiery or very passionate emotions, and be hot-headed or controlling. Again, the placement of the ruling planet Mars in one’s natal chart and the aspects from the other planets, etc. will indicate the strength and manner in which these indications will play in each individual’s life.

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11 Responses to The Rashi of Mesha (Sign of Aries)

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  2. I have my Mars in the twelfth house, and in the sign of Pisces…that’s not really good, right?

    • That all depends upon where Jupiter, the ruler of Pisces, is and if there are any aspects or yogas affecting or influencing him. In the vedic system your Ascendant sign is Aries, whose ruler Mars is 12 houses away. This as an isolated aspect is not great (though it can indicate long life), but again influences of yogas and aspects, and dasha periods and even Mars in divisional charts such as the Navamsha could change that. Astrology is an intricate system, that is best looked at as a whole.

      • I agree with looking at the whole thing as a whole. Thanks a lot for the insight. I have only limited knowledge with astrology (I don’t know the particulars you have just mentioned except for Jupiter which is on my sixth house) but knowing one’s self better seems to be the first thing I should do if I’d like to understand the world better. Again, thanks.

      • You’re welcome. Studying your own birth chart (warning: it may take a whole lifetime!) 😉 can be a very insightful way to understand yourself. I’d recommend getting your chart read by a few different people too to see things from different perspectives and knowledge bases. Namaste!

      • 🙂

        Would you oblige me in giving one last opinion? Do you think someone with an Aries ascendant, a Taurus Sun, and an Aquarius moon is an utter contradiction of a person? (Let’s pretend that person is NOT me, haha!)

      • Funny, no not utter contradiction! The easy way to a quick answer for this is to see where the rulers (Mars, Venus, and Saturn) of these signs are and how they interact in the chart. Also, the Nakshatra that the moon is in will have an influence too. Each Nakshatra has its own ruling planet different from the house ruler.

      • Wait, wait…you mean Aquarius is ruled by Saturn? I thought it was Uranus…

        Weird, since I also have Saturn in Aquarius in the eleventh house (along with the moon!). I read that having the ruling planet in the sign tends to give it more power–either for better or for worse.

      • In Vedic Astrology Aquarius is ruled by Saturn (they could not see Uranus. Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto were still unknown). When Western Astrology developed Uranus took over. Yes, a planet in its own house of rulership strengthens it. This is usually good, but again it all depends on the aspects, yogas, and…

      • Oh, I see… *chuckles*

        Thanks a lot again for the help. 🙂 And I’m sorry for being such a bugger. It’s one of my faults, this curiosity.

      • No worries! It never hurts to ask. 😉

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