The Rashi of Simha (Sign of Leo)

The Sun is now beginning its journey through the sign of Leo,                                                 the fifth sign of the zodiac. Simha, or Leo, is the Lion, a symbol of independence and individuality, power, steadiness, creativity, and procreation. Although the lion itself represents masculine potency, in the Vedas lions are often the vehicles for some of the powerful goddesses, such as Durga and Kali. On the universal level, Leo is the union and merging of masculine power and potency, Shiva, with feminine power and nature, Shakti. Under the influence of Leo, one may feel fiery, sexual, ambitious, aggressive, protective, and highly creative.

Leo is a fixed fire sign ruled by the Sun. Ascendant in Leo indicates one may have ruddy skin, red hair, fire in the eyes, lots of drive and energy, and be very active. Leo Ascendants can also be bossy, commanding, and overly passionate in all that they do. Sun in Leo indicates one whose soul is idealistic yet understands the needs of life on the practical level. Those with Sun in Leo often are natural leaders and easily draw people to them. Leo leaders are very protective and can be fierce and forceful in action to do what is best for their followers. Moon in Leo indicates one has fiery emotions, and is easily enraged, heated, or irritated. It also indicates one who could greatly channel emotions into creative endeavors. Depending on other factors in one’s birth chart, Leo Moons can also be very calculating, picky in relationships, and have an arrogant attitude. Because of its strong connection to the Sun, Leo in general can be a very mysterious sign.

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