The Rashi of Kanya (Sign of Virgo)

According to the Sidereal Zodiac, the Sun has begun its                         transit through the sign of Virgo, the sixth sign of the zodiac. Kanya is the only sign represented by a human symbol, the Virgin, emphasizing its influence on the ego, consciousness, and its place in the material world. However, without growth and maturity of the inner Self and spiritual consciousness, Virgos often find themselves in a state of divine discontent, dissatisfied with the material world in which they strive for perfection. Under the influence of Virgo, one may become immersed in business, material matters, and intellectual pursuits. Virgos often feel a need to be perfect and to focus on the finer details.

Virgo is mutable earth sign ruled by Mercury. Ascendant in Virgo indicates one may have soft, youthful, or feminine features. Virgo Ascendants also like to have many material possessions and/or make a lot of money. Material gain is a driving force, though nothing ever seems to be enough. Sun in Virgo indicates a soul distraught by the lack of balance between the excesses of the outer self/material drives and the lack of development of the inner Self/spiritual fulfillment. The energy of the soul feels hidden or trapped within the matter of the body and ego. This inner suffering is latent spiritual fire that needs to nurture within the virgin womb. Moon in Virgo indicates an emotionally sensitive person. This sensitivity may be kept hidden, or material things – shopping, comfort foods, etc. – may be used to appease one’s emotions. The mutability of the sign and dualistic nature of Mercury can also make a Virgo Moon flaky and indecisive.

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