The Rashi of Tula (Sign of Libra)

Today the Sun enters into the sign of Libra, the seventh                sign of the zodiac and the mid-point of the journey through the Kalachakra, the wheel of time and of the zodiac. The symbol of Libra is the scales, representing the quest for balance between the material life and the deep desire to awaken the spiritual Self. Libras are in a constant battle to balance the scales often leading to quiet dissatisfaction with the outer material world, while inwardly seeking spiritual wisdom and consciousness. Under the influence of Libra, one may feel out of balance, have trouble making decisions, and have their material desires intensified.

Libra is cardinal air sign ruled by Venus. Ascendant in Libra indicates one has strong Venusian qualities. One may be very attractive, or like to wear fashionable clothing or jewelry. Libra Ascendants also usually like to shop and surround themselves with art, music, things of beauty, and beautiful people. With the soul awakening, though, these objects are unlikely to ever satisfy. Sun in Libra indicates a soul that is breaking free and beginning to emerge out of the darkness of matter towards the light of higher consciousness. However, the Sun is debilitated in Libra, which may make achieving any balance between matter and spirit very difficult. Moon in Libra indicates much psychological and emotional seesawing. The airy quality of the sign only enhances the decision-making difficulties and makes Libra Moons uncomfortable within though they are able to mask this by being impersonal and detached towards others. Contrary to common belief, Libras are always trying to find the balance between extremes, but rarely do they find the harmony they seek.

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