The Rashi of Vrishchika (Sign of Scorpio)

The Sun has now begun its transit through the sign of Scorpio,                                               the eighth sign of the zodiac. Like the insect that lives underground, Scorpios are drawn to all that is hidden: kundalini, occult power, mysticism, astrology and astronomy, quantum physics, archaeology, history, mysteries, and spiritual and psychic depths. Often called the Spiritual Warrior, Scorpios seek the higher Self, but tremendous self-discipline is necessary even for those who are spiritually ready. This sign of death and transformation can be very painful, and without great spiritual strength could lead to psychological distress and self-destructive ways. Another symbol for Scorpio is the Eagle, emphasizing its keen sight and ability to see hidden spiritual truths. Under the influence of Scorpio, one may feel distraught, secretive, want to do research, and even wish to withdraw from the world, like a hermit, to delve within.

Scorpio is a fixed water sign ruled by Mars. Ascendant in Scorpio indicates one may have a “tough shell” or sturdy body. Scorpio Ascendants usually are very driven and direct in achieving whatever it is they set their minds to do. They are determined and tenacious, and like to be active. Though their drive is expressed in the material world, it is the spiritual world that truly motivates them. Sun in Scorpio indicates one’s soul is deeply seeking spiritual transformation. This can be very difficult and dangerous to oneself and to others if the soul is not evolved enough, however if ready, can lead to awakened kundalini power and realization of the higher Self. Moon in Scorpio indicates one who may be psychic and very deeply emotional. The Moon is debilitated in Scorpio, which can make one overly sensitive, easily upset, vindictive, withdrawn, and emotionally stuck on people or experiences, especially the past. Scorpio is a very intense sign, but if the spiritual path is embraced both within and with-out, this warrior has the ability to sting the ego.

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