The Rashi of Kumbha (Sign of Aquarius)

According to the Sidereal Zodiac, the Sun is now making its                                         journey through the sign ofAquarius Aquarius, the eleventh sign of the zodiac. Kumbha means pitcher, the vessel which carries water. Water gives life, purifies, and is the alchemical solvent in which base metal is turned to gold. Kumbha symbolizes the physical body and the Ego, and the water is the cosmic life force, Consciousness, contained within the shell of the human form. Aquarius is the stage in the cosmic cycle where the base “metal” of the physical self begins to transmute into the golden purity of the True Self, Consciousness. Kumbha is also associated with the yogic pranayama practice called kumbhaka, the retension of breath or prana, through which one may connect with the universal prana, Consciousness. Under the influence of Aquarius the crown chakra is activated, and setting aside individual ambitions, one may feel a great need to help others with their struggles and guide others towards moksha.

Aquarius is a fixed air sign ruled by Saturn. Ascendant in Aquarius indicates one has a firm physical body, yet may be tall, lean, or wispy. Material and worldly attachments and goals are of little importance, and yet the barriers of existing in the material world can be very frustrating. Aquarius Ascendants often are rebels and non-conformists who wish to break down the structures of tradition and the status-quo for the good of the masses. Sun in Aquarius indicates one has a deep feeling of responsibility to work for the good of all – family, friends, and all of humanity. The soul is free of the restrictions of the individual ego, yet will constantly have to face the ego’s psychological challenges. Moon in Aquarius indicates one who feels emotionally frustrated and at-odds with the material world in which one lives. If Aquarius Moons are not able to spread their compassion and wish to help others, they can become impulsive and reactive. The turmoil can be great, but it is part of the deep acting influence of purposeful Saturn. Whatever awareness is attained will be permanent.

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8 Responses to The Rashi of Kumbha (Sign of Aquarius)

  1. I am an Aquarius Moon, and damn if I don’t feel that turmoil!

  2. Is the Kumbha mela in this sign as well?

    • No not necessarily. Kumbh Mela is celebrated when Jupiter and the Sun are in specific signs, and those transits determine where (which river) Kumbh Mela is celebrated. The name for the festival has to do with the ritual bathing (kumbha means pitcher) and the myth about the pitcher of Amrita, the immortal nectar.

  3. Shivdave says:

    these articles are very usable and gracefull thanks for contacting us.

  4. augusta says:

    Thank you for these summaries of the Vedic signs. It is interesting to compare them with my understanding of the Western signs. –Aggie

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