The Fourth Nakshatra: Rohini

The fourth of the 27 Nakshatras is Rohini, which spans                                                           from 10° to 23°20′ in Taurus.vimanas11_21 Rohini रोहिणी, meaning red, refers to the red giant star known today as Aldebaran, the brightest star in Taurus. “Red” aptly symbolizes the passion, sensuality, worldly pleasures, and desires when under the impulse of this Nakshatra, which is reinforced by material and sensual Venus, the ruler of Taurus.

The ruling planet of Rohini is the Moon, in Hindu mythology called Chandra or Soma, a male deity. The Moon is married to the 27 Nakshatras, and Rohini is his favorite. However, the other wives became jealous and complained, so Brahma cursed the Moon so that he would lose his power (waning cycle), but be allowed to regain it (waxing cycle) repeatedly. When the Moon is bright and full, he is showing his attachment to matter, infatuation, and earthly pleasures and illusions.

Material pleasures, sensual attachments, earthly desires, and illusions are also an influence of Rohini’s main Guna: Tamas, however those born under its influence need to experience engagement in the material and worldly life as part the soul’s growth process. Rohini’s main Purushaartha is Moksha, which can drive one to be attached to or highly passionate towards a spiritual quest or transcendental experience. The ruling deity for Rohini is Brahma the Creator, and the symbol is the chariot, which carries the seeds of creative potential. Rohini’s influence gives a quality of newness to all experiences with a desire to experience ever more. Much of this Nakshatra is concerned with the material matters of life, but with the intention to provide experiences and potential for the soul to grow.

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11 Responses to The Fourth Nakshatra: Rohini

  1. Very well presented – Rohini is also the birth Nakshatra of Lord Krishna and his birth Sign is Taurus – you may find this interesting for analysing the Nakshatra

  2. Peter says:

    I have my moon and venus in rohini, I feel very content and lucky!

  3. shreejacob says:

    Thank you for sharing this! I do like that you tell your story about these subjects in a nice and simple manner! ….I must find the time to go through the rest of your blog posts!!

  4. Soul Fields says:

    Thanks, Julianna. I experience it being refreshing to read about the vedic views.

    “Much of this Nakshatra is concerned with the material matters of life, but with the intention to provide experiences and potential for the soul to grow.” This reminded me of all the lessons I personally have had relating to money (as part of the process of bringing my unconscious to conscious). As a side note, a little synchronicity: I have recently been drawn to Goddess Lakshmi, a Hindu Goddess of wealth and prosperity, both material and spiritual, having an intention to bring her symbolism to my blog as well, because of the innocence she resonates to me maybe serving some other folks too. (The resonance of innocence relates to money not being good or bad, but depending on what kind of meanings we give to it consciously and/or more or less unconsciously. As ps: I´m not an expert of Hindu goddesses or culture in any way.)

    • You’re welcome! Lakshmi would be wonderful symbol for your blog! It’s true, money is not good or bad, it’s a means for life stuff. What’s important is what we do with it, or how we let it control our lives or not. Like many things, it’s the energy and intentions behind money and the drive for money that matter.

      • Soul Fields says:

        Yes, I agree with your continued thoughts about money. So well verbalized by you.

        My comments are sometimes a bit vague, sorry. So, I have rather been thinking about one post about Lakshmi. It is as if Lakshmi is a new symbol for myself in the area of abundance, maybe affirming a shift due to inner work with my subconscious I mentioned in my earlier comment. (As well as with energy I like to play with symbols and symbolism, because they reach beyond words and possible negative associations of them, that is if the symbols feel good to us).

  5. I agree with Linda. I listened to this podcast today and thought about you.

  6. Thank you for sharing this with us Julianne. You bring this unfamiliar material to life for me.


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