Tarot Tuesday!


Every Tuesday I will post up to three free 3-card Tarot readings. If you are interested, you can contact me privately from the contact form here. Let me know if there is a specific question or area of life you’d like me to focus on. If not that is fine too. Readings will be scheduled in the order received. I will respect your privacy and only use a first name initial in the post. However, you are welcome to blog about it if you wish.

Here are this week’s queries, spreads, and readings:

From C:  I am interested in knowing what is going to happen with me “career-wise”. We have been in financial hardship for quite some time. 2013 was much better than 2012, and I am interested in hearing what is in store for 2014. 

Nine of Pentacles (reversed), Justice (reversed), Eight of Wands (reversed)

You’ve been the lady of the household, but it’s not bringing in the financial gains you need and hoped for. Things are out of balance: Much more busy-ness and business and too little gains and returns, and this makes the mind imbalanced (stress). I feel you need to reverse your momentum, such as go back to an old job or career where you can have both the balance of work/income and time inside/outside the home. The Justice card may indicate working for a law firm, government, or any place “legal” including real estate or clerical work. Even if this is a part-time job, it will bring in more security, which will in turn bring your other interests into balance and allow them to flourish too.

From R: How can I make 2014 the best year possible (what opportunities might present themselves, etc… and if I need to do/understand anything to prepare in order to respond-react-reap)?

The Emperor, Queen of Swords (reversed), Seven of Cups

In the coming year, the greatest opportunities will come from being, as I say, large and in charge! The Emperor is all about expressing you and your personal power – your skills, your gifts, and what you know you are capable of, but may not have yet shown the world. By being “out there” you will be your best. If a position of power is offered to you, and your intuition says yes, go for it. The emperor rules by the staff, not the sword, so no worries about it getting to your head/ego. The subdued queen indicates you will set aside matters of the ego-mind and follow your heart and intuition. Several options may come your way, and you may be inclined to try out new and different things or experiences to expand your domain.

From J: I’m 28 years old and still trying to figure out life. I have a lot of responsibilities for my age but its ok because I love my family. I’m currently not satisfied with my job because it just isn’t going anywhere. I’m a hard worker but have a ton of obligations to my family. I’m torn. I want the best for me and my family. Some guidance would be appreciated.

Ten of Swords, Eight of Cups, Nine of Cups

For things to get better, a change is going to have to come about, but it’s something you have to initiate. It may be hard, but once you make that decision, you will find yourself feeling very free to move on. The nine of cups is the “happiness” and “wish” card. This indicates you will achieve and accomplish all you wish to do.

images-11Of course you can’t just up and quit your job when you have a family to care for, so I pulled an extra card to gain some insight on what you can do. The Eight of Pentacles came up. This is a card about apprenticeship and working hard to build something up. Some possibilities are going back to school, taking some extra classes to expand your career possibilities, an actual apprenticeship, or even planning for a business of your own. This is a process, so it will not all happen overnight. It’s also about details and staying up late to follow your passions, so the transition phase may be very busy, but it will be worth it.

Sessions and Readings: I am available for private spiritual counseling sessions and readings, where I combine Intuition, Empathy, Clairvoyance, and Energy Healing with the tools of Tarot and Astrology to assist you to:

  • Explore and learn about your personal astrology
  • Gain insight and understanding into your soul’s dharma and karma
  • Connect with your greater life purpose
  • Gain clarity on the lessons and challenges in your life
  • Understand your relationships and career path
  • Discover your potential experiences in this lifetime
  • Tap into the messages of your dreams
  • Find a path for healing from within

If anyone is interested in my spiritual counseling sessions and in in-depth personal astrology (Vedic or Western) or Tarot readings, email me from the Sessions and Readings Page here.


About Julianne Victoria

I am a writer, spiritual life coach, and intuitive healer in Santa Barbara, CA. I hope to help heal, teach, and inspire others on their journeys and in this life. © Julianne Victoria and Through the Peacock's Eyes Press under the Common Law Copyright; My main Blog: www.peacockseyes.com
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10 Responses to Tarot Tuesday!

  1. Lovely readings and great cards to use.. 🙂

  2. shreejacob says:

    Love reading these posts and yay to using the Gilded Tarot! 🙂

  3. renatembell says:

    This is a wonderful service. I really appreciate your sharing. The Gilded Tarot deck is quite beautiful. It’s among my collection 🙂 Best wishes~

  4. Great idea! I may take you up on this some Tuesday.

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