The Tenth Nakshatra: Magha



The tenth of the 27 Nakshatras is Magha, which spans from 0° 00′ – 13° 20′ in Leo/Simha in the Sidereal Zodiac. Magha, मघ, means power, great, and wealth. Magha at 0° Leo marks the beginning of the second phase of our souls’ journey, the journey into matter, the body, and the physical world. The symbol for Magha is the palanquin, representing the importance of the body as a vehicle for the soul and for one’s spiritual lessons and journey in this life.

The ruling deities for Magha are the Pitris, who are the forefathers, the ancestral spirits, both of the individual and of humanity. The Pitris help guide our souls onto the right path, towards our dharma, and through the journey of divine manifestation.  The ruling planet of Magha is Ketu, the body/tail of the snake Vasuki. Ketu, a “shadow” planet, is the descending node of the Moon, and is an indicator of past lives, past life karma, and spiritual realization. Both Ketu and the Pitris guide the soul while it experiences the material world.

Magha’s Guna is mainly Rajas, which energetically drives one towards and in their life’s purpose. Its Purushaartha is Artha, which indicates one will work diligently towards their goals, especially material ones. With the Sun being the ruling planet of Leo, those with natal Moon in Magha usually achieve greatness, shine brightly in their endeavors, and achieve material success. They are idealistic and often spiritual, but because they easily achieve wealth and power, others may misunderstand them or become suspicious of their integrity.

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2 Responses to The Tenth Nakshatra: Magha

  1. herongrace says:

    Surely Magha Is a Sanskrit root word for Magi, magic, image, imagination, Mage?

    • It is likely that Magha and magic are cognates. Magic is possibly from PIE (Proto-Indoeuropean, the re-created/assumed pre-Sanskrit language) *magh- “to be able, to have power”. It is also likely cognate with the Latin magnus, meaning “great”.

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