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Reminder of  Tarot Tuesday ChangesAfter today (because these queries were already submitted in January before the changes) the Tarot Tuesday format beginning in March will be: On the first Tuesday of each month, I will offer up to 5 free one-card tarot readings. If you are interested, you can contact me privately from the contact form here. Let me know if there is a specific question or area of life you’d like me to focus on. If not that is fine too. Readings will be scheduled in the order received. I will respect your privacy and only use a first name initial in the post.

Here are this week’s queries, spreads, and readings:

From P: I always see a man coming from the sea in my  dream telling me am his wife…. and everything am working for he is bring[ing] it down….what can i do now?

Queen of Wands, King of Pentacles, Queen of Cups (reversed)

You are out of balance between your feminine and masculine sides. Your feminine/yin energy has been caught up in masculine/yang pursuits, likely worldly, materialistic, and/or overly ambitious. This excessive yang and fire qualities is forcing your masculine side, your animus as Jung would say, to call out to you in your dreams. He is asking you to get back into touch with your feminine side, your anima, and your intuition, unconscious, and emotions (the sea). This doesn’t mean you have to give up all that you have been working for, just to bring some balance between your two sides and into your life. Bring some of that energy down by doing something grounding – meditation, art, gardening, or exercise on the earth or in the water. Also, some emotions are suppressed; allow yourself to feel and express your feelings.

From K: I’m in the midst of a lot of change so wondering what you might see.

Seven of Cups, Two of Wands, Page of Wands

Many opportunities or options are being presented to you, but the choice is up to you where you want to go and what you wish to bring into your life. The spiritual path will be the brightest. If one of your options is to travel, that could open up the world to you and your inner world. Do what gives you passion and what sparks youthful excitement or creativity in you, but let the purity of the heart guide you.

Sessions and Readings: I am available for private spiritual counseling and life coaching sessions and readings, where I combine Intuition, Empathy, Clairvoyance, and Energy Healing with the tools of Tarot and Astrology to assist you to:

  • Explore and learn about your personal astrology
  • Gain insight and understanding into your soul’s dharma and karma
  • Connect with your greater life purpose
  • Gain clarity on the lessons and challenges in your life
  • Understand your relationships and career path
  • Discover your potential experiences in this lifetime
  • Tap into the messages of your dreams
  • Find a path for healing from within

If anyone is interested in my life coaching/spiritual counseling sessions and in in-depth personal astrology (Vedic or Western) or Tarot readings, you can email me from the Services page here.


About Julianne Victoria

I am a writer, spiritual life coach, and intuitive healer in Santa Barbara, CA. I hope to help heal, teach, and inspire others on their journeys and in this life. © Julianne Victoria and Through the Peacock's Eyes Press under the Common Law Copyright; My main Blog: www.peacockseyes.com
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3 Responses to Tarot Tuesday

  1. Reading down the list here Julianne, I had a weird dream the other night.. In which I killed a rat.. The rat however grew to human height standing on back legs with red glowing eyes.. It had a knife and folk in its grasp.. I grappled with it.. taking control of the folk stabbing it in the heart… this was gruesome in that I pushed the folk in searching for its heart to kill it..

    The next day I did an online search to see what year of the Chinese year I was born.. I discovered I was born in the year of the Horse.. reading the article I discovered the Rat was its opposite.. The more I thought of it, I saw the Knife and Folk always sit opposite each other on the table.. so the dream was telling me it was my opposite.. So I hope I have shed the negativity I was holding onto and killed it dead! so to speak… IF this is indeed its message… What ever since the dream and a wonderful Healing sent via airwaves from Heidi on WP I feel a blockage has been cleared… 🙂

    Lovely to read your reading today… Blessings Sue

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