The Sixteenth Nakshatra: Vishakha

potterswheelThe sixteenth of the 27 Nakshatras is Vishakha, which spans from 20°00′ in Libra/Tula to 3°20′ in Scorpio/Vrishchika in the Sidereal Zodiac. The symbol for Vishakha is the potter’s wheel, which represents the whirlwind changes and illusions of life. Yet life, the clay, is shaped and molded both by the hands of destiny and of karma, and by our own hands, our choices and free will. The clump of clay is given, but it is up to us what we choose to do with it. 

Being in both Libra, ruled by Venus, and Scorpio, ruled by Mars, Vishakha has a very dualistic quality. This is also reflected by the fact that it has two ruling deities: Indra, the luxury and comfort loving god of the gods, and Agni, the god of fire. For those born with natal Moon under or influenced by this nakshatra, this can ignite great opposing forces within the psyche, causing stress, inner turmoil, and feelings of emptiness or restlessness even though life may be full of sensual and material enjoyment. Depending on if one is born in Libra or Scorpio, the molding to one extreme (materialism, affluence, luxury, and the arts) or the other (restlessness, self-righteousness, endless drive, and activity) is likely.

The ruling planet of Vishakha is Jupiter. Depending on other aspects, yogas, and influences in one’s birth chart, Jupiter/Guru can bring in success and prosperity, as well as guide in learning lessons and growing, or he can add an expansive quality to the extremity or fluctuations of the duality of this nakshatra. The Guna qualities can also fluctuate and vary within Vishakha, though the main motivation, or Purusaartha, is towards Dharma, righteous action. It is through the internal trials, struggles, and turmoil that we take action towards great personal and spiritual growth.

Saturn is exalted here at 20° Libra, and the Moon is debilitated here at 3° Scorpio. Those whose natal Saturn is here may experience the extremes of his influence – tremendous restriction in early life, which however then allows tremendous growth later in life (in what area specifically will depend on which house this lays in). Those with *natal Moon in the Scorpio part of Vishakha will likely struggle more with the dissatisfaction and restlessness within the psyche.

All the Nakshatras, Vedic (Sidereal) Zodiac signs, and more can be found in my book, Shedding Light on JyotishaVedic Astrology For Beginners © 2015.

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*Do keep in mind that there may be other aspects and yogas in your chart that ease or alleviate debilitation, so if your Vedic Astrology Moon is here (this will be different from your Western Astrology Moon sign), you are not necessarily doomed to emotional and psychological distress. And remember that you too, through your choices and attitude, have a hand or two in how the clay of your life is molded.

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4 Responses to The Sixteenth Nakshatra: Vishakha

  1. I think I am being directed to the arts as I am eager to get out my paint box again 🙂 xxx

  2. thank you so much for posting this. I learned a great deal. I love the image of the pottery wheel.

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