Free Will & The Will of God

This post fits this Blog as well since I discuss Astrology in relation to the Soul and Free Will. Please Follow Blazing Light of Glory if you are interested as I won’t regularly re-post here. Thank you and Namaste _/l\_

Blazing Light of Glory

An individual’s Road Map

From A Course in Miracles Introduction:

Free will does not mean that you can establish the curriculum. It means only that you can elect what you want to take at a given time.

A few weeks ago during one of the astrology discussion groups I attend, questions came up concerning free will. What is it? Do we really have it or is our path predetermined? If our astrological birth charts are our road maps for our lives, then do we have free will?

When meeting with clients for astrology readings I often am asked these same questions. I usually explain: Our souls made plans about what lessons they wished to learn, what experiences they wished to understand, and what challenges they wished to face in order to grow and expand, and those wishes determine when and where each individual is born. Our birth charts, or natal…

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2 Responses to Free Will & The Will of God

  1. Novem says:

    This is a wonderful blog. Congratulations.

    From my teachings I have come to understand that the Soul (or the Whole) can’t really learn anything new because it is everything there is and ever will be. It can’t expand because there is no outside of everywhere. Growth becomes more like remembering what is already known.

    The matter of “Free Will” is most interesting because the stars and planets align as though acting like celestial neurons, and clearly information is transferred through interconnected circuitry. A newborn sense of awareness on Earth inherits a template for a type of operating system (Logos/Mind) based on celestial mechanics. Perhaps it can be seen in the rising sign. It also inherits the the Heart (Body) through the Sun and the Moon (Soul) connects the Mind and Body to form the Wholly Trinity.

    Mystery school literature suggest 3 Pillars of
    Creation. Sound. Numbers and Geometry. Sound is thought. Numbers are the Code and Geometry is the form and structure created by Sound and Numbers. The Code or blueprint functions via DNA and 99% of the time is directed by the subconscious… over which there is no say – unless you remember who you are and reclaim your veto moment by moment by moment.

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