The Nineteenth Nakshatra: Mula

The nineteenth of the 27 Nakshatras is Mula, spanning from 0°00′ to 13°20′ in                   Sagittarius/Dhanus in the Sidereal Zodiac. Mula, मूल, means root, source, origin, and foundation, all of which imply the end of one stage and the manifestation of a new one. From the roots, the tree grows and branches out into many directions and possible paths. The symbols for Mula are the lion’s tail, which is used to express both supremacy and anger, and the elephant’s goad, a type of cattle prod used to direct the movement of the animal often by inflicting pain. These symbolize the difficult and dangerous possibilities and challenges for those born under the influence of this Nakshatra as they seek liberation from the attachments of the physical world.


The ruling planet of Mula is Ketu, indicator of past lives and past karma, which must be learned, accepted, and channeled well. Ketu also brings an urge for moksha, liberation, and to be free of the cycle of life and death. The ruling deity is Niritti, demon goddess of destruction and negation, who seeks to destroy our attachment to the material so that we can be liberated towards the spiritual.

However, the main Guna quality here is Rajas and the main motivation, or Purusaartha, is Kama, creating great drive for the sensual. Much of the influence of this Nakshatra can easily lead one towards seeking material goals and becoming illusioned by physical desires. Under its influence one can easily live a very animalistic, self-centered, and abusive or violent life. But, when these struggles and mental challenges are unveiled and brought under control, transformation towards moksha will sprout forth.

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