The Twenty-first Nakshatra: Uttarashadha

images-4The 21st of the 27 Nakshatras is Uttarashadha, spanning from 26°40′ in Sagittarius/Dhanus to 10°00′ in Capricorn/Makara in the Sidereal Zodiac. Uttara, उत्तर, means concluding or higher, and ashadha, अषाढ, means invincible. As an extension of Purvashadha, Uttarashadha refers to the knowledge and wisdom of Jupiter/Guru (ruler of Sagittarius) and the higher sacred wisdom of Saturn/Shani (ruler of Capricorn) who is the teacher of the teachers, the guru to the gurus, who teaches by restrictions, life experiences, and self-study. The symbol for Uttarashadha is the planks of a bed. This symbolizes the need for proper rest for the body and the mind to heal and grow, but it also indicates that at the stage of this Nakshatra, one is preparing one’s soul for the final stage of rest: Nirvana.

The ruling planet of Uttarashadha is the Sun/Surya, which represents universal Consciousness, and the ruling deity is the Vishwa Devata, the “Universe as God,” reminding us of the interconnectedness of all. This often leads one under the influence of this Nakshatra towards humanitarian efforts. The primary Guna quality is Sattva, but with a secondary influence of Rajas to drive one in pursuit of spiritual expansion. The main motivation, or Purusaartha, is Moksha which will help to steer one towards the spiritual path, to discover hidden knowledge and wisdom, as well as to embrace austerities and paths of self-study to attain liberation.

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  1. Harbans says:

    Inspiring indeed.

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