An Early Holiday Free Gift!

The_March_of_the_Toy_Cover_for_KindleI was going to wait until November to do this, but since there are goblins, ogres, the Bugbear, and the Banshee in this story, I thought I’d gift my holiday fairy tale for Halloween! From Thursday 10/23 through Sunday 10/26 the kindle/e-version of The March of the Toymakers will be available for download for free, just click hereIf you do not have Kindle, you can also download a Kindle App for free here!

If you like the story, and you know children who would be delighted to find a paperback copy in their stocking this Christmas, they are available for under $10 through Create SpaceAmazon, or Barnes & Noble, also: Amazon CanadaAmazon UKAmazon India, and other international Amazon stores.

Here is the description of the book and some reviews:

The March of the Toymakers follows the journey of Santa’s chief elf, Nissa, on his quest to save Christmas. Santa barely has enough elves to make enough toys for all the children of the world, so he sends Nissa on a mission to find the Fair Feather Maid, who will help them recruit an army of elves to become toymakers.

However, there are many challenges along the way, from solving riddles and breaking pixie spells to fighting off ogres, trolls, and goblins, all of whom wish to prevent the army of toymakers from making it back to Santa’s Village in time. If they do not make it back by Midsummer’s Eve, they will not have enough time to make all the toys that bring Christmas joys.

Check out the Reviews at:

If you want your children to be smart, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be geniuses, read them more fairy tales.

– Albert Einstein


About Julianne Victoria

I am a writer, spiritual life coach, and intuitive healer in Santa Barbara, CA. I hope to help heal, teach, and inspire others on their journeys and in this life. © Julianne Victoria and Through the Peacock's Eyes Press under the Common Law Copyright; My main Blog:
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24 Responses to An Early Holiday Free Gift!

  1. The ever talented Julie – so glad to see a fellow Fairy Tale lover – and creator at that!
    Hugs, Amanda

  2. Oh My this looks to be an excellent read.. 🙂 Thank you, you clever thing.. 🙂

  3. litebeing says:

    How very generous of you! The world needs more magic and love now more than ever!


  4. Gneiss Moon says:

    I noticed you read my recent free stuff post, so I came to read your recent posts and kismet ! haa
    Just loaded it to my phone (kindle) and I will read your book tonight, while I nod off. Already have holiday lights (stars, natch) burning, so will light some candles, smuggle under my blankie and read your book.. Thank you ! Happy New Moon, Halloween, Holidays, the whole nine yards !

  5. Bought one for my Niece. Thanks Julianne Victoria! She will love it!

  6. fozziemum says:

    Oh how lovely 🙂 clever girl 🙂 loves Bev xx ❤ ❤

  7. Reblogged this on Sindy's Saturday Satsang and commented:
    Oh a new Fairy Tale from Julianne! Check it out folks~

  8. Sound delightful but I read a lot of fairy tales? lol

  9. Gary Leigh says:

    Reblogged this on Psychic Empaths and commented:
    This is an excellent offer and I highly recommend it.

  10. Gary Leigh says:

    Wow, that’s really generous of you. Mind if I reblog this offer?

  11. Reblogged this on Haiku By Ku and commented:

    Mama gives away / Her holiday fairy tale / Pawfect kids’ gift too!

  12. Ho, ho, ho, Happy Halloween!! 🙂

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