शिव सूत्र २, ३, ४: Shiva Sutras Section 1, Sutra 2, 3, & 4

Shivaya3ज्ञानं  बन्ध: ।।२।।

Jnaanam bandhah

2. (Limited) Knowledge is bondage.

योनिवर्ग: कलाशरीरम् ।।३।।

Yonivargah kalaashariiram

The Source (Womb) + class/group (i.e. the physical realm of Maya) + the body/form + ignorance/a moment in time. (Kalaa also means menstrual discharge, which goes with the symbolism of Yoni, womb.)

3. The Source (of bondage) is Maya (illusion) whose form is ignorance (time).

ज्ञानाधिष्ठानं मातृका ।।४।।

Jnaanaadhishthaanam maatrkaa

4. The limited knowledge basis is in words. (Maatrkaa means the Divine Mother and the alphabet, or the sounds or vibrations that produce the Universe. Here in the physical world, where the energetic power of sounds, words, or language is not fully understood, it binds us to limited knowledge). See related post here.

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  2. Such peace he brings to my heart and chaotic mind. ❤

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