The Twenty-seventh Nakshatra: Revati

revatiThe 27th of the 27 Nakshatras is Revati, which spans from 16°40’ to 30°00’ in Pisces/Mina in the Sidereal Zodiac. Revati means ‘wealthy’, ‘royal’, and ‘shining one’, but broken down rev- means ‘to move’ or ‘to go’, and –ati means ‘to transcend’ or ‘to go beyond’. Revati links the end of one cycle to a new one through transcendental Pisces, where both the Sun and the Moon end their journeys through the zodiac before beginning a new one. The symbol for this Nakshatra is a pair of fish, which adds to the fish symbolism of Pisces, the two fish. The fish represent creative energy that is ready for the new growth cycle. The fish, water creatures, also symbolize the unconscious realm, the cosmic ocean, and the realm of Spirit.

The ruling planet of Revati is Mercury, who brings intellectual awareness to the transcendental process. Mercury is also the psychopomp, a mediator between the unconscious and conscious realms and a guide for the souls of the dead from the physical world on Earth to the spiritual world. Mercury has the ability to transcend and connect the realms of Spirit and Matter. The ruling deity is Pushan, a Sun god, who nourishes life here on Earth. Pushan also watches over journeys and, like Mercury, is a psychopomp. Together they are there to help souls transcend the material world as their consciousness expands.

The guna quality of Revati is entirely sattvic, and its main motivation is towards moksha. Those with natal Moon in this Nakshatra will have an intense desire to go beyond the physical world, transcend their egos, and merge with the infinite Universe or God. All things in daily life will be peacefully carried out with spiritual intentions.

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2 Responses to The Twenty-seventh Nakshatra: Revati

  1. E.D. says:

    love the image although i am hopeless with vedic astrology, although I know the Indians are very enthusiastic about it. They use it for all manner of reasons, including marriage, birth, death – etc. Eve

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