April 2015 Tarotscopes

Wild Unknown Tarot

The Wild Unknown Tarot

The April 2015 Tarotscopes are already ready! For the Monthly Tarotscopes I reference Western Astrology, but I do plan on starting a New Moon Vedic Astrology Horoscope and Tarotscope hopefully this month! To view older tarotscopes or to receive the Monthly Tarotscope in your inbox, subscribe to my You Tube channel here!

The Tarot is a system of ancient spiritual knowledge and the mysteries of life. It is a complex language of symbols, numerology, astrology, qabbalah, and archetypes that taps into the energy, intentions, and messages of our higher Selves and the collective consciousness. The cards can enlighten us to the secrets and universal lessons of life, aiding our deeper emotional and spiritual struggles, as well as guiding us in our day-to-day lives.

Click “Playlist” on upper left of video to find the video for your sign.

For those interested in a personal in-depth reading in person in San Francisco, CA or via Skype/FaceTime, E-mail, or private YouTube video for Western Astrology, Vedic Astrology, or Tarot please click here.

And Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!



About Julianne Victoria

I am a writer, spiritual life coach, and intuitive healer in Santa Barbara, CA. I hope to help heal, teach, and inspire others on their journeys and in this life. © Julianne Victoria and Through the Peacock's Eyes Press under the Common Law Copyright; My main Blog: www.peacockseyes.com
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2 Responses to April 2015 Tarotscopes

  1. love the kitty photo behind you! 🙂 Oh no, the “Devil”…..eeek…..(my first card in the spread)….oh great….I am always worried about money 😉 Ok since I am born on the cusp of Libra/Scorpio, I am liking the Scorpio part more 🙂 Uh oh, I listen to sag too since that is my rising sign. I am crawling into a hole in April lol.

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