Spiritual Life Coaching & Intuitive Healing Sessions

Sessions & Readings to begin on a limited basis beginning in November 2017!

As many of you know I went on sabbatical last April 2017 to focus on my creative projects. Though I am still working on all of them, progress was much slower than I had hoped, but for a good reason. Most of my energy went into a greater creation, and in September I welcomed into this world a beautiful baby girl!

I will only be available for a few client sessions each week, so please keep in mind that the wait time will likely be from a week to a few weeks out.  Please visit my business site here for more information and to purchase your session. 


My name is Julianne Victoria, and I’m an Astrologer, Tarot Reader, Spiritual Life Coach, and Energy Healer in Santa Barbara, CA. I’m available for private sessions and readings where I combine Intuition, Empathy, Clairvoyance, and Energy Healing with the tools of Tarot and Astrology to assist you to:

  • empress-2Explore and learn about your personal astrology
  • Gain insight and understanding into your soul’s dharma and karma
  • Connect with your greater life purpose
  • Gain clarity on the lessons and challenges in your life
  • Understand your relationships and career path
  • Discover your potential experiences 
  • Tap into the messages of your dreams, unconscious, and Spirit Guides
  • Find a path for healing from within

I take an honest but compassionate approach during the sessions, and interpret my intuitive insights into how they can best apply to you and your life’s journey. We all have deep within the answers and wisdom we seek, but sometimes we need someone else to help guide us in the right direction to find our most successful path in life.


34 Responses to Spiritual Life Coaching & Intuitive Healing Sessions

  1. Michelle says:

    Just found your You Tube channel two months ago and have been really enjoying your weekly general and Sign specific monthly readings. Found myself needing reassurance recently and decided to give your One Question One Card Tarot Insight a try. It was exactly what I needed and perfectly fit the situation at hand. Looking forward to a full reading soon. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

  2. Eleanor says:

    Julie, I LOVE the reading you did for me a couple of days ago. IMO, you’re the best! Clear, concise, and honest. The only way to be. Thank you again very much! EBM

  3. Angelah says:

    Hello Julianne, I am enjoying your Western astrology interpretations- so thoughtful and resonating. My question is about my Vedic sign- I was born on September 1, 1972 in Manila, Philippines. The exact time is unknown, but most likely early morning between 5-8 am. Can you please tell me what videos to watch for Vedic moon, rising and ascendant? Thank you so much in advance and a happy 2016 to you, Julianne!

    • Hi Angelah, Thank you! That’s going to be hard because within a 3 hour time span (5-8 am) the Ascendant/Rising sign can change several times, so you’ll need to see if you can find out your exact birth time (from family members, the hospital, etc.) Your chart can be rectified to figure it out though, and I have been able to do that just by seeing the person (Ascendant shows physical features) and asking some questions. It takes about 15minutes, usually done as part of someones reading, but we could set up a short session to do that if you were interested. Please email privately me if so. Happy New Year!

  4. harsha says:

    Hello madam, i started watching ur horoscope, but got confused to which i shall watch, as one of my fried suggested ur youtube blog .
    i was born on 13th feb 1989, 13/02/1989 Rayadurgam village Anatapur district, Andhrapradesh state, India country. time morning 8.00 A.M.

    Please tell me my Vedic sun shine , moon shine, raising shine,
    as well as Western signs sun, moon, raising signs. as well as zodiac sign.
    madam please do the favour

    • Hi Harsha, You have a lot of overlapping between Vedic and Western signs. They are: Vedic Ascendant and Sun is Aquarius/Kumbha and Moon is Taurus/Vrishabha; Western Ascendand is Pisces, Sun Aquarius, and Moon is Taurus. For Vedic Horoscope videos and for Western Tarotscopes watch Aquarius and Taurus. Thank you and Namaste _/l\_

  5. ann says:

    Hi Julianne, iv just discovered Vedic astrology on your youtube site, am im very interested in what the differences is between the two, my ascendant sign and my rising sign. I was born at 5,12am in Dublin Ireland on 4th August 1960. I always thought i was a Leo sun sign. Thank you

    • Hi Ann, Ascendant and Rising sign are the same thing, just two different terms. It’s the sign/constellation that was rising, or ascending, on the eastern horizon at your moment of birth. Your Vedic signs are: Cancer Ascendant and Sun; Sagittarius Moon. In Western Astrology, yes, your are a Leo Sun and Leo Ascendant, and Capricorn Moon.

  6. Oh wow, I did not know. Thank you! Namaste _/l\_

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  8. Rafi says:

    Hi Julianne,

    Are you on LinkedIn? Let us please get connected there.

  9. Maria Geyer says:

    Hi Julianne, i would like to know my Vedic Ascendant & Moon and Sun. My Western Sun sign, and Moon, and my Ascendant/Rising.
    I’m born 16tht of september 1976 don’t know the time. Leon city, Nicaragua country

    In that way I will know which sign video to watch of yours. Please advice.

    Thank you.

    • HI Maria, time of birth is needed to get your Ascendant/Rising times, but your Western Sun is Virgo and Moon is Gemini. Vedic Sun is Virgo unless you were born close to midnight, then Leo. Vedic Moon is Taurus if born in first half or so of the day, Gemini if born afternoon/evening.

  10. Julia says:

    Hello Julianne, I watch your videos with interest!
    I would like to know my Vedic Ascendant – Moon and Sun..
    My Western Sun sign and Moon sign and my Ascendant.
    Birth date July 8th 1986 at 4:00-4:15am. In Iasi city, Romania (Europe).

    • Hi Julia, Thank you! Here’s your data: Western Rising is Gemini, Sun and Moon are Cancer; Vedic if born at 4:00am – Ascendant Taurus, Sun Gemini, Moon Cancer. Vedic if born at 4:15 – Asc and Sun Gemini, Moon Cancer. If you can’t find an exact birth time then for Vedic listen to your Moon sign of Cancer. 🙂

  11. for Horoscope which video shall i ours? please tell me?

  12. Hi Julianne, i would like to know my Vedic Ascendant & Moon and Sun. My Western Sun sign, and Moon, and my Ascendant/Rising.
    I’m born 21st Jan 1984 b/w 7.30 – 7:45 Am (Approximately) noon in India(Country)
    Andhra Pradesh(State), Nellore(District) In that way I will know which sign video to watch of yours. Please advice.

  13. Hi Thilaga, I used the city of Singapore, Singapore for you. If you were born in a different city, let me know. You didn’t indicate if you wanted your Vedic or Western signs, so here are both: Vedic Ascendant and Moon are in Scorpio and Sun is Leo. Your Western Sun sign is Virgo, Moon is Scorpio, and Ascendant/Rising is Sagittarius. Thank you for your query and Namaste _/l\_

  14. Hi Thilaga, What city, or near what big city, in Singapore were you born?

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