Magazine Articles

Talking To My MomCaregiver Magazine, July 2013

Making Our Wishes Come TrueNew Spirit Journal, April 2013

Having Faith In The Body’s Messages and Its Ability To Heal, New Spirit Journal, February 2013

Stepping Into the Unknown, short fiction published on WebRing, Winter 2012

Spreading The Word, Washington Massage Journal, Fall 2012

No Ordinary Teacher, Buddhadharma Magazine, Summer 2012

Blurry BoundariesWashington Massage Journal, Fall 2011

2 Responses to Magazine Articles

  1. Slavina says:

    Dear Julianne
    Happy Christmas!
    May you have a blissful 2019 lived in love and dedication to your wonderful mission.
    I am happy to have landed on your website exactly on Christmas.
    Actually through your Astro&Tarot Video for the Pisces in 2019.
    And I was fascinated.
    The symbols of Saraswati and the Peacock met me in the heart.
    I did not know all the detailed meanings of the peacock you have listed and its connection to the Phoenix. However, my favorite Indian Goddess has always been Saraswati, I even used it as profile fhoto once in Facebook, whoch I do not follow anymore.
    Thank you for the revelation and the connection I created to my innerself and you through these rich and powerful symbols.
    I was impressed by your CV, which puzzles me how you managed to fullfil so many meaningful and enlightening things in your life until now.
    A big inspiration you are!
    All the best to you!

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