Cycles in Time, Cycles of Life – Saros Cycles in Astrology

After about 18 years of deep study and of being a practicing astrologer, I find astrology to be an incredibly fascinating tool. That statement probably doesn’t surprise anyone, but it’s not because of what the masses would expect, i.e. because of the predictive stuff. I’ve never cared much for predicting things with astrology, nor do I “try” to. Rather I see astrology and our birth charts as personal road maps for the various paths and experiences for each of our individual lives, which includes looking at the transits and their cycles of time and how those correlate to cycles in life.

During the past year since I last posted here, I’d been observing and reflecting upon the Saros Cycle that was coming full circle for me. A Saros Cycle is an eclipse cycle that lasts 18-19 years (See video below for more explanation). As I was doing my reflection of this cycle of my life, and especially the half cycle of the past 9-10 years, it helped me to more deeply understand the major experiences of that time period and the lessons, the healing, and growth that had and were taking place. This eclipse cycle had begun and was completing in conjunction with my Ascendant. In Vedic Astrology this was particularly significant with my Ascendant at 29° of Vrishchika (Scorpio), an extremely intense position, and this was very much in alignment with the intense lessons, healing, and growth in that cycle of time.

In this past cycle of time and life, especially in the past 9-10 years, so much nearly everything in my life has changed, externally at least. Internally, I have grown more into myself. Through my reflections on the past cycle, and looking at it all together, I realized that by working with my personal astrology over time that I’ve actually manifested everything I’d imagined 19 or so years ago. Some things are gone; some things have transformed; and some things have come back better. And now there is also fresh space for what I might wish to come.

Things may not happen right when we want, nor may they happen exactly how we want. But when we loosen the ego mind’s tight grip on wanting things exactly when and how we want them, and if we are so inclined to use the tool of astrology to help ourselves out, we open up the opportunities for our desires to manifest.

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On Power & Spiritual Ethics

As I contemplate, formulate, organize, and plan all the mystical and magical topics I wish to share, teach, and work on with my Patreon Community, I keep coming back to clarifying and defining for myself the abstract concepts and energies that underly both esoteric and exoteric spiritual practices. Much of it comes down to power, what we think power is, how we use it, and if we use it.

Often when we say that someone has power or is in a position of power, it’s implied that they are in control of others and/or wealthy. And while those two things, like other objects, can enhance one’s power, they are not power itself. So let’s define power.

Power comes through French from the Latin word potēre, to be able, [to] can, to have the ability (physical, mental, etc.). Power isn’t something we gain or take from another. It’s not a tangible object, but an intangible potential (again that Latin potēre root) within each and every one of us. When we become aware of our power, what we are capable of, that is when we step into our power or own our power.

Then comes the question: how do we use our power, or not? This is where integrity, ethics, respectfulness, compassion, and boundaries come in, and these are things each individual must find and understand for and within themselves.

I go deeper into this contemplation on power as well as the “Can’t Curse, Can’t Heal” concept in the video below, which I made last Spring. Interestingly almost a year later I had another discussion on Spiritual Ethics, which is an important topic that I feel is spiritually bypassed all too much. Without compassion and acknowledging the foreseeable impact or consequences of our actions, using our power can come from our shadows and cause much more harm than good.

What are your thoughts and experiences? Please share in the comments below or on YouTube if you listen to the videos!

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Relaxing into the Creative Process

My newfound time, space, and energy to create this year of 2021 has been a lesson in relaxation or relaxing into the creative process. Even though I have created several decks and books in the past few years, it was all while caring for my newborn/toddler and while I was healing from the trauma of creating her. What developed within my psyche was a stress pattern: of finding the few minutes here and here to create, of racing the clock before nap time was over, of pushing through exhaustion, pain, and sleep deprivation, and of pressuring myself when I just. couldn’t. do. anything. creative.

Now that I have the time, space, and energy, I find myself – my mind, my psyche – still thinking and driving me as if I am still racing the clock every moment of every day. This is the stress pattern ingrained within that I am now working on re-programming, and I have found great inspiration from nature, of course.

It’s Springtime here, and I’ve really been enjoying planting new seeds of various types of herbs and veggies in my garden. But a garden doesn’t sprout in a day, nor do the seeds and plants rush time. They take their time and be the creative process. Being the process is what I had been struggling to find enough of before, and now like a seed sprouting and growing, I’m trying to relax into, even become one with, the creative process. It’s daily reminders, but each day as I let myself slow down into it, I find my creativity flowing better and the creative seeds that I’ve planted are able to sprout and grow more healthily!

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Journey through the Nakshatras

My latest Online Course, Journey through the Nakshatras, Understanding the Lunar Zodiac in Vedic Astrology is now available! In Journey through the Nakshatras you will discover:

  • What are the Nakshatras & the Lunar Zodiac? 
  • Learn the Symbolism, Energy, Qualities, and Rulers of each of the 27 Nakshatras (plus the Extra one)!
  • Journey with the Moon through the Nakshatras.
  • Look at Sample Charts to learn how to incorporate the Nakshatras in a natal chart reading.

View the full curriculum here, and check out the Introduction video below:

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Full Moon Yod – What Is the Finger of God Pointing at?

When I first pulled up the chart for the February 27, 2021 Full Moon in Virgo, I immediately noticed the Yod, in which the Full Moon is at the apex, the point, that position in the chart which the Finger of God is pointing at.

A Yod in astrology is when an isosceles triangle is formed, with two planets at the base (not necessarily at the bottom of a chart) forming a sextile of 60°, and another is at the apex, forming a quincunx of 150° to each of the planets at the base of the triangle.

Yods can be intense configurations, especially in a natal chart, signifying areas of life or experiences that require adjustments, deep healing, and acceptance of mystical or divine forces at play. When activated by a transiting planet, there can be an inexplicable need, desire, or urgency for change, even upheaval, in one’s life. Though major changes both internal and external can be difficult, Yod activation often leads to layers of healing – from the past, past lives, and ancestral healing – that leads to a more focused sense of purpose and direction. The planets involved and the signs and houses in which they are positioned will give greater details if one has a Yod in their natal chart.

The Yod in the chart for today’s Full Moon shows the Finger of God pointing at the Moon at 8° of Virgo. Full Moons often bring something to our conscious awareness, lighting it up fully for us to see. At the base of this Yod, is Saturn at 8° of Aquarius and Chiron at 7° of Aries, showing that whatever comes to light with the energy of this Full Moon will trigger Saturnine transformation and Chironic internal healing, especially for those who choose to embrace the changes and adjustments brought to our attention with this energy.

For more on this Full Moon, check out my astrology video:

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Labyrinthine Journeys

This past Solstice/New Years marked my fifteenth annual labyrinth meditation walk. It feels like I just began this ritual, but at the same time my life since my first New Year’s Eve labyrinth walk has been quite the labyrinthine journey in itself!

How this ritual began was quite spontaneous. A friend had asked me if I wanted to join her at the local cathedral’s New Year’s labyrinth walk, and so I did. The cathedral was packed with people looking for closure, for healing, for clarity, for hope. It was two-way, uninterrupted traffic on the Chartres Cathedral replica, and yet I really relished in the way this made us all walk very slowly, having to take in the experience each and every moment.

It was at this first labyrinth meditation walk that I came up with what became my annual ritual. On the walk to the center, I think about the past year and all that I wish to understand, release, and let go of. At the center I stand in silent meditation until I feel I am ready to wind my way out. And on the way back through the labyrinth, I think of all I wish to create and welcome in in the year ahead.

This labyrinthine journey is an inner experience and process of coming back to my own center so that I can learn, grow, and manifest from the center of my being outwards, but it’s not a light and fluffy experience. It’s usually filled with acknowledging mistakes I’ve made, things I did wrong, and shadows I need to work on integrating. That first ritual was also quite possibly the most painful one. I remember tears streaming down my face and fears of the future flashing before me, but also the excitement as I embraced and released and opened up space for me to fill in.

The labyrinth is thoroughly known; we have only to follow the thread of the hero-path. And where we had thought to find an abomination, we shall find a god; where we had thought to slay another, we shall slay ourselves; where we had thought to travel outwards, we shall come to the center of our own existence; where we had thought to be alone, we shall be in all the world.

Joseph Campbell

Last year I was invited to be a part of a YouTube collaboration for New Beginnings as we entered into 2020. For that event I created a tarot or oracle card spread based on my labyrinth ritual, and I thought I do one for 2021, using The Oracle of the Fool:

1) What am I moving away from? Thoughts – I am moving away from my mind being so busy with all the things I need to and want to do, and from letting stressors overtake me. It’s nice to know the excessive thinking is evaporating.

2) What needs release? Chaos – Being a grand master multi-tasking working mama. 2020 was exhausting and felt often like I was swirling in a chaotic whirlwind. But, it doesn’t have to be that way, and this year isn’t that way. However I do need to re-program my mind and thought patterns around this.

3) Where do I stand now? Meditation – Affirmation that I am getting more centered and finding balance. Keep working on it!

4) What action do I need to take to welcome in the new? Ego – I need to acknowledge my own needs and desires better. I tend to put me behind everything else, especially when not necessary. I am someone I need to take care of too.

5) What is waiting to manifest in the cleared space? Possibilities – Anything and everything!

Let me know in the Comments if you try this spread out! For some more rituals and practices for new beginnings, check out this video:

And if you’d like to walk the Labyrinth with me:

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Growing through Challenging Times | 2020 Reflections

2020 has definitely brought challenges, some small but many great, to all of us, and these challenges test us, push us, and sometimes almost…almost…break us. But it is these great challenges of life that also bring us the biggest opportunities to grow within, to change internally.

This 2020 Reflections post is part of the Litebeing’s Change Challenge with the theme: How have you changed internally? Can you share some new thoughts, ideas, projects, attitudes that have sprung up as a result of your evolution (of the past year of 2020)?

Today’s post begins a new blog journey for me. After many restrictions over the past few years (I’d had Saturn sitting on my Ascendant and slowly shuffling through my first house in Western Astrology for four, yes four, years), I now, just in the past week or so, finally have the time, space, energy, and circumstances to return to regular blogging and writing, among other things. This renewed freedom seemed to be opening up at the beginning of 2020, as I started a Depth Year with many goals and aspirations, bolstered by Jupiter’s jovial energy in my first house. But knowing Saturn had the upper hand in their dance together in Capricorn, I had a feeling I was not yet free of the restrictions I’d been patiently working with. And then came March 2020, and the rest of the year was, well, even more challenging.

The biggest change that has come from these difficult times is greater acceptance of what is now/at a given moment, and increased patience and letting go when I couldn’t get something or much of anything done. Schools closing down and not having just that little bit of time I had to be creative and productive alone, in silence, and not multi-tasking (I have a 3 year old) put a damper on many of my goals: creatively, with client work, with personal/healing needs, and with things around the home. All I could do was accept, be patient, do what I could during dwindling nap times, and appreciate that we were healthy, happy, and doing just fine compared to so many who have been struggling with much greater challenges throughout this past year.

Of course many new thoughts and ideas sprang up over the past 10 months (I’m a Sagittarius Ascendant after all!), and though I did complete and publish The Scrying Poetry Tarot last Spring (it was nearly done before shutdowns), I have not yet completed other projects, especially my book on Schizophrenia and an Oracle deck, that I expected to. And though at first there was a lot of frustration, by letting go of wanting to get things done, and instead flowing with the patient divine timing of Saturn’s wisdom, I can feel within as well as see astrologically, that things will take place, come together, and be accomplished when it is best for them to do so. It just might not be when I want them to.

For deeper reflection on how I’ve changed internally, I thought I’d pull a card from The Scrying Poetry Tarot:

Well, I think that sums it up perfectly!

It’s nice to be officially 🤞🏼back blogging! For some Holiday Cheer & New Years Magical Intention Setting for Prosperity in 2021, check out the following videos: 🎄

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Black Friday Specials & Working with the Lunar Eclipse

If you’re feeling the energy or looking for ways to work with the energy of the Lunar Eclipse on November 30th, check out my NEW MINI-COURSE only $3.33: Working with Lunar Eclipses: Practices and Rituals for Emotional Release and Healing.

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MakePlayingCards is running a secret discount on decks, which means both my Children’s Tarot and The Scrying Poetry Tarot are ON SALE! Use coupon code CYBER2020 through Cyber Monday week.

And to get an overview of the energies of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, either from the Vedic Astrology or Western Astrology perspective, check out my Moon Playlist below:

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The Scrying Poetry Tarot

Introducing…The Scrying Poetry Tarot! The Scrying Poetry Tarot is a unique vintage art & shabby chic inspired Poetry Tarot Deck. The poetry I wrote for The Scrying Poetry Tarot was mainly written with the Rider-Waite-Smith system in mind, with a hint of Thoth. Learn more about it’s structure, creation, scrying, & inspiration on The Scrying Poetry Tarot website here!

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A Premonition Dream Brought by a Dream Weaver

Screen Shot 2020-05-10 at 11.02.52 AMToday is Mother’s Day, and Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers and care-takers out there! As expected I’ve been reflecting today more so than usual on my journey and experience of becoming and being a mother, and in particular on the deep psychic connection I have with my daughter. We have conjoined Moons in Pisces in our Western Astrology charts, which is indicative of that deep connection. It both amazes me and brings me joy as I’ve watched that connection develop since my Musings on the Pisces Moon post. But the experience that still amazes me the most was one that my husband had from before she was born, in which she walked into his dream and let him know what she would look like. We wondered about the message, but it wasn’t until she was born that we got affirmation that it was a premonition dream brought by a dream weaver.

My husband had had a few dreams with a little girl in them, but this one in particular stood out because in it, or as he came out of it and woke up, he had the song Close to You by The Carpenters stuck in his head. This wasn’t a song he had heard recently, and it was in no way on his mind beforehand. So we looked up the words, and these lines stood out:

On the day that you were born the angels got together
And decided to create a dream come true
So they sprinkled moon dust in your hair of gold and starlight in your eyes of blue 

Firstly, the first two lines were a message to me. I had a very difficult pregnancy and what ended up being a traumatic labor. (You can learn more about that here.) Those lines gave me some hope that all would turn out well in the end. But back to my dream weaver…

Screen Shot 2020-05-10 at 10.54.11 AM

The third line…that third line…wow! It’s one of the clearest premonition dream messages I have ever heard of or experienced, and it came directly from the person-to-be it was a about – my golden-haired daughter with sparkly blue eyes. Though this dream weaving experience still amazes me, it doesn’t totally surprise me because having premonition dreams, including ones about and for other family members, runs on my mother’s side of the family.

Watching my daughter develop as a person and in her intuitive and psychic ways both fascinates me and makes me proud to be her mother, to guide her, and to teach her however I can. Our deeply psychic conjoined moons also indicates that the guidance goes in both directions, and just as much as I help her, she has and I’m sure will continue to assist me with deep family and ancestral healing.

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