Shedding Light on Jyotisha – 2nd Expanded Edition is Now Available!

BookJyotishaShedding Light on JyotishaVedic Astrology for Beginners, 2nd Expanded Edition is now available in both the paperback and e-book/kindle version! To celebrate, the kindle/e-book will be available for free on Amazon from December 30th through January 3rd!

Shedding Light on Jyotisha explains the fundamentals for learning astrology in general, Vedic Astrology specifically, and how to read a birth chart for insights and guidance for our lives. The 2nd Expanded Edition has been re-written for greater ease of use as a reference tool, and it now includes informational charts and three sample celebrity birth chart interpretations: Prince, Karen Carpenter, and Marilyn Monroe.

The Introduction from Shedding Light on Jyotisha:

I began studying Jyotisha, or Vedic Astrology, after getting a reading from a friend of mine in 2004, but my interest in astrology began as a young child through reading the horoscopes in the newspaper with my grandmother and with my friends. In college in the 1990’s I often let myself get distracted from studying by browsing through the astrology books in the bookstores and libraries. But this reading in 2004 was my first exposure to the light of Jyotisha, which means the science or study of the heavenly bodies, of the stars, or of light. I was immediately drawn to studying it, immersing myself into the few books I found at the nearby esoteric bookstore.

There were so many new concepts to learn, such as Nakshatras, and gunas, and dashas, and divisional charts, and all the Hindu mythology! Some things I was already familiar with from studying yoga and healing modalities, including some Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India, and though I also had an academic background in the ancient languages, mythology, and symbolism of the classical Greek, Roman, and Egyptian worlds, the Sanskrit terminology and mythological references made studying Vedic Astrology as a beginner a bit overwhelming at times, to say the least.

Though there are many very good beginning-level Vedic Astrology books out there, I wanted to put together something a little less complicated for the very beginner to astrology and for those coming from a Western Astrology background. In Shedding Light in Jyotisha you will find the basic information and knowledge needed to read a birth or natal chart, which is the foundation needed for further study into Vedic Astrology, if one so chooses.

         An Abbreviated Table of Contents:

  • What Is Vedic Astrology or Jyotisha, including The Sidereal & Lunar Zodiacs
  • The Nine Planets, The Grahas
  • The Twelve Zodiac Signs, The Rashis, including The Four Elements & The Three Characteristics
  • The Twelve Houses, The Bhavas, including The House Types & The Four Motivations
  • The Twenty-seven Lunar Mansions, The Nakshatras, including The Three Guna Qualities
  • The Basics for Interpreting a Birth Chart
    • The Ascendant & Physiological Associations
    • Planetary Rulership & Strength
    • Planetary Aspects, Drishtis, & Yogas
    • Transits
    • A Deeper Look at Karma
    • Balancing, Cancellation, & Alleviation
  • Birth Chart Sample Interpretations
    • Prince
    • Karen Carpenter
    • Marilyn Monroe

Shedding Light on JyotishaVedic Astrology For Beginner’s, 2nd Expanded Edition can be purchased through Amazon.

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Sigilla Mediaevalia, The Medieval Sigils Tarot

Announcing my fourth (wow, really?!) deck creation: Sigilla Mediaevalia, The Medieval Sigils Tarot, a hand-painted 78 card Tarot deck!

The tarot is a system of ancient knowledge, wisdom, and archetypes spoken through the language of symbols: of numbers, of elements, of astrology, and of pictures. Symbols, archetypes, and wisdom in essence are abstract, meaning they exist as ideas, thoughts, or concepts, but do not have a physical or concrete existence. Tarot cards, therefore, can be seen as concrete representations of abstract knowledge. 

Sigilla Mediaevalia, The Medieval Sigils Tarot, is a hand-painted 78 card Tarot deck, conceived and created as a truly abstract Tarot deck. To work with this deck, we must allow ourselves to read the cards subconsciously to bring what we need to know at a given time to our conscious awareness.

Whenever we speak of [symbols] we move in a world of images that point to something ineffable. We do not know how clear or unclear these images, metaphors, and concepts are in respect of their transcendental object…there is no doubt that there is something behind these images that transcends consciousness. Carl Jung

Purchase Sigilla Mediaevalia, The Medieval Sigils Tarot here!

Learn more of its creation and view a full walk-through of the deck below:

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The Maiden, Mother, Crone Cycle & Age

The Maiden, Mother, Crone Cycle is something I’ve been pondering about lately. Well, not just lately, but much more lately since I recently turned 45, the age where I am officially middle-aged. (See Wikipedia definition – Middle Age). With a not-yet-two-year-old toddler running around, it’s strange to think that I am what many consider in the crone stage in a woman’s life cycle. Yet motherhood in middle age has made me think a lot about that whole Maiden, Mother, Crone Cycle, and if it necessarily is or needs to be or ever is a linear cycle.

Thinking back through my life, even back to childhood, I often, possibly always, expressed aspects of all three stages. I’ve been the Maiden: young, youthful/athletic, child-less. I’ve been the Mother/Nurturer: to countless pets, to my own mother, and now to my own child. I’ve been the Crone: an “adult” child, an old soul, and now in age.

Chronologically and if we follow societal traditions, it does seem like the three stages of a woman’s life cycle (I do believe men have similar stages too.) go in order: 1) our childhood and young adulthood, 2) married life and motherhood, and 3) empty nest, grandkids, and retirement. On the surface many woman follow this cycle because it is after all a natural cycle – a cycle of nature. However, as I’ve looked back over my life and the lives of others, either under the surface or on the surface for the more unconventional personalities, we live all aspects of the Maiden, Mother, Crone Cycle in some way and in different ways throughout our lives.

And what is age? It is the process of going through time, through the ages, changing and growing through time, and as most would say, becoming older. It is interesting how we/modern society have broken down or categorized the life stages by age: 1-20/25 as youth, 20/25-40/45 as adulthood, 40/45-60/65 as middle age (or over-the-hill to some), and then 60/65 and onwards as just plain old. Though there are definitely changes in physiology that occur over time, aka as we age, we do not need to let these numbers define every aspect of our identity and our existence at any age. We can be youthful or playful while being care-takers and bread-winners while connecting to our wisdom developed over time and sharing it with others.

And so I sit with and meditate upon and work with integrating more deeply all the many aspects of the Maiden, Mother, and Crone within myself, and I hope you will too. Life is both too short and oh-so-very long to limit ourselves by a number and a label.

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A Children’s Tarot Deck!

BookCover2Children’s Tarot, For the Young and the Young at Heart

Children’s Tarot is a modern tarot deck designed to make tarot fun and accessible for children, for young adults, and for those who are young at heart.

It is a major arcana only deck, consisting of all 22 cards, which is both learnable and manageable for both children and adolescents. I have re-named the cards and given simple explanations with keywords in the Guidebook & Coloring Book to help make it fun to learn and relatable to the day-to-day life of children and young adults.

The companion Children’s Tarot Guidebook & Coloring Book provides simple suggestions for using and reading the cards as well as 22 Insights into the Cards and Their Meanings: short card descriptions with keywords and an inspiring or thought-provoking quote that relates to each card. And then, of course, there are coloring pages for each of the cards and a few pages for journaling, notes, and insights.

The Children’s Tarot Guidebook & Coloring Book is a guide and tool for exploring and understanding the Children’s Tarot through both journaling and art.

Visit the Children’s Tarot website for more information, images, and purchasing links.

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Traversing The Fine Lines, The Workbook

Traversing The Fine Lines, The Workbook, the companion to my deck, The Fine Lines: 44 Meditation Cards for Intentional Living, with meditation & journaling prompts to journey with, through, across, and between The Fine Lines, is now available and can be purchased here.

As many of you know, I originally was working on an online Guided Meditation Course for The Fine Lines, but as I worked on writing the prompts, I felt it would be better to re-write them for a workbook that anyone can purchase and create some free guided meditations that will be posted on my Youtube channel in the coming months. Subscribe and follow my YouTube channel if you are interested in getting notifications of when those are posted.

My intention for these meditation cards is that they inspire us to grow as we contemplate on the subtle, yet profound, differences in ways of thinking, feeling, and being. By spending time meditating, contemplating, and journaling on these fine lines, we embark on a journey of self-discovery that can lead us from conditional living to intentional living.


Traversing The Fine Lines, The Workbook, with meditation & journaling prompts to journey with, through, across, and between The Fine Lines, can be purchased here.

The Fine Lines (blank) Journal can be purchased here.

The Fine Lines Meditation Cards can be purchased here.

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Dream Journaling & Finding Balance

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 9.54.03 AMI had one of those strange dreams last night, the kind where it seems to be a mishmash of all sorts of experiences, a combination of waking life experiences and dreamworld created experiences. I know from my years of dream journaling and exploring and studying the psyche that this dream was what I call an anxiety dream, dreams which aren’t necessarily part of a deep healing or other process within the subconscious, but one about current stresses and problems. As I journaled and reviewed my dream, I clearly understood what it was about, namely finding balance in waking life:

I’m walking home from the bus station in San Francisco in a hurry. I pass by a shop I remembered (does not exist in waking life) that I used to enjoy browsing through. I briefly think about stopping in, but I don’t. I’m on a mission. I’m home in Santa Barbara, my current home but different. I’ve decided to color my hair and am rushing putting the dye in, so much so, I don’t even protect my skin or clothing. I’m just trying to get it done. It starts burning my skin, and so I get in the shower to wash it all off. I hear people enter the home. It’s two men, robbers. I’m concerned but not scared. One seems to be focused on looking for something and ignores me. The other wants to have a conversation. The “robbers” don’t even seem to care when I call 911. I tell the operator what’s happening, and she asks for my address. I tell her I live on Tamas Lane, though I know it’s something else. Then I tell her Tamas is wrong, and I live on Mission Arajas.

I can’t stop smiling at how clearly my subconscious is pointing out to my conscious mind what it already knows but really needs to pay more attention to: finding balance! In my dream I’m rushing, in a hurry, trying to get stuff done, and ignoring slowing down, enjoying things, and pausing even just to have a nice conversation. The “robbers” are aspects of me, masculine energy: doing, action, “on a mission,” etc. And yet, one of them tries to get me to stop and talk. This completely reflects my very busy life of being a full-time mommy, doing client sessions and readings, working on multiple books and deck projects, and maintaining my YouTube channel with a little social media on the side. But honestly I have so much creative energy flowing through me, I just want to work, work, work, i.e. create, create, create as much as I can.

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 9.27.09 AM

I am full of “doing energy,” but I have also been aware that I need to make sure I have enough slow, restful, rejuvenating down time, besides my meditation time before bed and the occasional family outing. This is something I’ve been trying to figure out and manage quite a bit lately, and my dream is reminding me that if I try to rush through things, things go wrong, which takes more time, which slows things, which takes away time for more balance.

The most beautiful part of this dream is the street names. They blatantly spoke to me of this need to find more balance between slowing down and busily creating and doing. They are named for two of the three gunas, or constituents of Prakriti: Tamas is the guna quality of inertia, slowness, sluggishness, and rest, and Rajas is the guna quality of action, passion, and energy. In my dream I am rushing away from slowing down for fear of being inert or not getting things done. I don’t (want to) live on Tamas Lane, and though my mission is to be busily doing, my subconscious gave me another message to make it my mission to find more down time when I stated I lived on Mission Arajas: A- (not) Rajas.

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 9.29.47 AM

This image of the Buddha entangled in the banyan tree roots is what came to mind as I journaled about this dream. It comes from The Chrysalis Tarot – the Three of Spirals (Wands) card. The number three represents creative energy and growth, and the Wands or fire suit represents passion, energy, and action. Yet, the Buddha figure is being devoured by all of this creative action. Roots move slowly, you can call them tamasic, but in time and with time they form a strong, nourishing foundation for the growth and continuous creative production of the tree. Tamas and Rajas in balance.

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Oracle of The Fool

FoolCover-2Oracle of The Fool by Julianne Victoria

Oracle of The Fool is a conceptual deck for journeying deeply into the symbolic, archetypal, energetic, and personal meanings associated with The Fool of the Tarot. By using this deck you are exploring into the Unknown, both within yourself and out into the infinite expansiveness of the Universe.

The companion Oracle of The Fool Guidebook & Journal is just that – a guide – as you embrace The Fool, as you become the hero of your own personal journey of self-discovery.

The hero, the waker of his own soul, is himself but the convenient means of his own dissolution.   – Joseph Campbell

Oracle of The Fool deck can be found on GameCrafter here.

Oracle of The Fool Guidebook & Journal can be found on Amazon here.

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Space in the Psyche for Growth & Expansion

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 1.01.07 PMI’ve had a couple of dreams this past week that have shown me how far I’ve come with my own inner healing within my psyche, including understanding archetypes and shadow aspects. The dream I will discuss here occurred the night after the planet Jupiter, who represents growth and expansion, entered into his own sign of Sagittarius in the Tropical Zodiac or Western Astrology system. Jupiter began transiting my 12th house of the psyche, the unconscious realm, and the dreamworld when he was still in Scorpio, the sign of transformation, and this brought extra energy into my inner transformative process. Now that Jupiter is in Sagittarius, though still in my 12th house, much is coming to the surface bringing my inner healing progress to my conscious awareness through my dreams:

11/9/18: I was going by a white colonial-style two-story house – plain, simple, and clean. There was green grass all around, and it was where the street curved. I saw that there was a “for sale” sign in front and decided to check it out. The home owner showed me around the house, which had a lot of light-colored wood inside. She said that she shared half of the house with her mother and her daughter. I thought it was perfect for me. She also showed me an attic space, which she said was “for growth and expansion.”

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 5.48.26 AM

The house in my dream looked something like this one.

As I’ve mentioned before in my Psyche & The Dreamworld posts, a house or home symbol in dreams often symbolizes the psyche, and for me the psyche is where I have been doing much, much cleaning, clearing, and healing, and for those who have been following along for quite a few years now, you know that I’ve had an ongoing series of “house dreams,” in many of which I faced a lot of clutter and messes. But not all. As time went on, as I worked to understand and heal my psyche, which has also included ancestral healing, the house in my house dreams more and more often was empty and clean.

I have had a dream or two over the past few years in which I am looking for a new home, but I do not find it. In this dream above, without intentionally looking, I’ve now found the house that is perfect for me, meaning for this stage of my healing journey and of understanding my psyche (Note: Though I do feel much has healed, I also believe deep inner healing continues on, peeling away the intricate layers towards more and more self-understanding throughout our lives.), I’ve come to a point of new beginnings, and the white, clean house symbolizes a state of awareness concerning my inner experiences and that there is space for personal and higher spiritual (the attic) growth and expansion.


However, the most significant message for me from this dream, was the woman saying she shared her home, her psyche – her personal unconscious, her subconscious, her soul, her inner workings, and you could even say her identity – with her mother and daughter, the crone and the maiden. The woman, an aspect of myself, was the mother, the middle of the Maiden-Mother-Crone triple goddess archetypes. She was the link that connected her daughter/maiden with her mother/crone. I found this significant because until the birth of my daughter, although I’ve always had animals and considered myself a “mommy-person,” I could only truly identify with the Maiden and Crone archetypes.

But now I am a mother, and just as Jupiter moved out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius, this dream brought up the message from the scorpionic depths of my psyche to my conscious awareness that I am now integrating the Mother archetype within.


To gain some insights into how the Jupiter in Sagittarius transit can bring you growth and expansion over the course of the next 13 months until early December 2019, I created Astro-Tarotscope videos for each zodiac sign. Click here for the Playlist to find the video for your sign, or click bars in the upper left corner of the video below:


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And the Veil Thins

VeilAfter the Autumn/September Equinox as we approach Halloween or Samhain, we often hear people say that the veil is very thin at this time of year. But, what does that mean? And what is the veil that thins?

The veil is the liminal space, the threshold between the physical world and the non-physical world or the realm of spirit. In theory, the veil lies also between timelines, dimensions, and parallel realities, but for the sake of this post, I’ll use the terms physical realm and spirit realm.

The term “liminal space” is used in depth psychology to refer to the process of self-realization, a transformative process of meeting with and understanding our archetypes and shadows. This is often done through practices of altered states of consciousness, such as meditation, hypnosis, breath work, and shamanic journeying. Such practices are ways to thin the veil between our conscious/mental physical realm and our unconscious (psyche) spiritual realm.

From this we can see that we all have a personal veil that separates our outer and inner aspects, our self from our Self, respectively. Yet this veil, or any “veils” that people speak of, are not physical boundaries. You could say that they are energetic boundaries, built up by the multitude of individual human consciousnesses, by the mental expectations of humans for centuries, that the realm of spirit is somewhere else or doesn’t exist at all – out of sight, out of mind. But this is an illusion. The veil itself can be seen as an illusion, a construct of the individual and collective conscious mind.


So then, what is the thinning of the veil that many speak of at this time of year? First of all, many believe that the veil thins at the equinoxes and solstices. These are focal points of the year, as are the cross quarter points: Samhain, Imbolc, Beltaine, and Lughnasadh (Lammas). These important times of the year were honored, held sacred, respected, and appreciated by cultures across the planet for much of human history and still today. I feel it is because of the spiritual reverence during these times, when a collective mindset desires and believes it can and is connecting to the spirit realm, that the veil created by collective consciousness thins.

Samhain or Halloween season is a more intense time of this thinning. In the Northern Hemisphere, it’s when the days are becoming shorter and darker, when we are faced daily with the darkness that is symbolic of our psyches, shadows, and the spirit realm. These are also holidays, including El Dia de Los Muertos, All Souls Day and All Saints Day, of connecting with the dead, spirits, ghosts, and ancestors. Because there is a more intense collective mental energy of connecting to the spirit realm at this time of year, the veil is at its thinnest.

The liminal space is just that…space, and space is associated with the element of aether (ether), the element of Spirit. And the veil thins…

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”  – Carl Jung

And for a little haunted house Halloween story time…

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My long-time blog friend Alethea over at Not Tomatoes has nominated me for the 3.2.1 Me Challenge, and she has given me the word “joy” to write about. My response to her was, “My little “joy” keeps me busy, but I will write up a post soon!”

Thinking about bringing my little Bundle of Joy into the world almost a year ago fills my heart with joy, but the process of bringing her into the world was an unusually very long, miserable, and painful process. And yet it is exactly that very contrast of emotions and experiences that allows us to feel either and both ends of the pendulum more intimately and intensely.

As I began to look for the two quotes required for this blog challenge, I immediately came across the deep understanding of the necessity of contrast in order to fully understand each side of an emotional spectrum. Both of the following quotes are by Carl Jung from his Red Book, and both in his dream discussions with the devil or The Red One:

It is always a risky thing to accept joy, but it leads us to life and its disappointment, from which the wholeness of our life becomes.

I: “Perhaps too there is a joy before God that one can call dancing. But I haven’t yet found this joy. I look out for things that are yet to come. Things came, but joy was not among them.”

T. R.: “Don’t you recognize me, brother, I am joy!”

Synchronistically, this blog challenge came to me after a weekend of working on my online meditation and journaling course that goes along with my Guidance Cards and Companion Journal, The Fine Lines: 44 Meditations for Intentional LivingI had completed all the definitions and some of the prompts, so the concept of Joy was very fresh in my mind, specifically the fine line between Joy and Pleasure.

Joy: An emotion of great delight or happiness; a glad feeling.

Pleasure: A state of being pleased by something external; sensual gratification.

Experiencing and understanding contrasts, especially contrasting emotions, such as joy and misery, both teaches us about the two sides of the coin and heightens our awareness of them. And yet, our understanding and awareness can be further enhanced by looking at two similar, but oh-so-different emotions, such as joy versus pleasure. Though the “feeling” may seem the same, Joy comes from within the heart; pleasure through things outside of our being.

As so, I hope this post leaves you joyously pondering upon the concepts of contrasts and fine lines.

As part of this challenge I am to pick a word for 3 other bloggers to post about, and so I choose the word PonderRarasaur, Litebeing, and Jessica Davidson.

Please write a post about Ponder, and including two quotes on the subject, and nominate three other bloggers to blog about a word of your choosing.

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