My long-time blog friend Alethea over at Not Tomatoes has nominated me for the 3.2.1 Me Challenge, and she has given me the word “joy” to write about. My response to her was, “My little “joy” keeps me busy, but I will write up a post soon!”

Thinking about bringing my little Bundle of Joy into the world almost a year ago fills my heart with joy, but the process of bringing her into the world was an unusually very long, miserable, and painful process. And yet it is exactly that very contrast of emotions and experiences that allows us to feel either and both ends of the pendulum more intimately and intensely.

As I began to look for the two quotes required for this blog challenge, I immediately came across the deep understanding of the necessity of contrast in order to fully understand each side of an emotional spectrum. Both of the following quotes are by Carl Jung from his Red Book, and both in his dream discussions with the devil or The Red One:

It is always a risky thing to accept joy, but it leads us to life and its disappointment, from which the wholeness of our life becomes.

I: “Perhaps too there is a joy before God that one can call dancing. But I haven’t yet found this joy. I look out for things that are yet to come. Things came, but joy was not among them.”

T. R.: “Don’t you recognize me, brother, I am joy!”

Synchronistically, this blog challenge came to me after a weekend of working on my online meditation and journaling course that goes along with my Guidance Cards and Companion Journal, The Fine Lines: 44 Meditations for Intentional LivingI had completed all the definitions and some of the prompts, so the concept of Joy was very fresh in my mind, specifically the fine line between Joy and Pleasure.

Joy: An emotion of great delight or happiness; a glad feeling.

Pleasure: A state of being pleased by something external; sensual gratification.

Experiencing and understanding contrasts, especially contrasting emotions, such as joy and misery, both teaches us about the two sides of the coin and heightens our awareness of them. And yet, our understanding and awareness can be further enhanced by looking at two similar, but oh-so-different emotions, such as joy versus pleasure. Though the “feeling” may seem the same, Joy comes from within the heart; pleasure through things outside of our being.

As so, I hope this post leaves you joyously pondering upon the concepts of contrasts and fine lines.

As part of this challenge I am to pick a word for 3 other bloggers to post about, and so I choose the word PonderRarasaur, Litebeing, and Jessica Davidson.

Please write a post about Ponder, and including two quotes on the subject, and nominate three other bloggers to blog about a word of your choosing.

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Musings on the Pisces Moon

I woke up this morning at the exact time of today’s Pisces Full Moon at 4:56am after a restful nights sleep and baby still sleeping. We both slept well, which is not surprising since we are both Pisces Moons. Our love of the deep, the mysterious, the spiritual, the imaginative, the realm of dreams, and the psychic are innate within us, all of which is enhanced with this Pisces Full Moon along with Neptune, the ruler of Pisces transiting right on top of our conjoined Moons.

This got me musing about Moon in Pisces energy, which besides what I mentioned above, also indicates a deep psychic connection to mother. I muse about how our emotional and psychic connection will develop over time, something which I know I will have to let ebb and flow as it needs to. I must be an example, a guide, and a teacher as her own inner High Priestess grows, yet not restrict her growth with artificial boundaries. She must learn to set and hold her own.

My psychic connection to my own mother was not a healthy one, nor was it an understood one until I was an adult and deeply diving into my own shadow work and psyche. Boundaries can be non-exsistant at times for an individual with a dominant Pisces in their natal chart, especially with those whom they are closest to. Understanding the Piscean dynamics has been an important part of my own journey and is now an important part of raising my Moon Baby.

These musings led to my musing on the actual word musing. To muse means to think, to ponder, to dream – so Pisces! The root of muse goes back to the PIE root *men- “to think,” which makes it cognate with our modern words: mind, mental, mantis (seer, prophet), -mancy (as in cartomancy, etc.), mania, mantra, memento, music, and reminiscence, to name a few. The deep pondering, being a seer, lost in psychic frenzy, memories, or spiritual prayer all beautifully describe the energy of Pisces.

And of course there is also the Muse, a goddess of inspiration. And so I hope my little musings here inspire you to connect with your inner goddess or a Moon goddess archetype and be inspired by your own inner musings under this Pisces Moon.

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The Fine Lines: 44 Meditation Cards, Companion Workbook, & Journal

The_Fine_Lines_Cover_for_KindleI’ve very excited to announce that I have brought a project idea that began back in 2007 to manifestation! It’s called The Fine Lines: 44 Meditation Cards for Intentional Living and I’ve also created its companion, Traversing The Fine Lines, The Workbook, with meditation & journaling prompts to journey with, through, across, and between The Fine Lines, as well as the blank journal, The Fine Lines Journal.

My intention for these meditation cards is that they inspire us to grow as we contemplate on the subtle, yet profound, differences in ways of thinking, feeling, and being. By spending time meditating, contemplating, and journaling on these fine lines, we embark on a journey of self-discovery that can lead us from conditional living to intentional living.

Traversing The Fine Lines, The Workbook, with meditation & journaling prompts to work with, through, across, and between The Fine Lines, can be purchased here.

The Fine Lines (blank) Journal can be purchased here.

The Fine Lines Meditation Cards can be purchased here.


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My Tarot Course: Exploring the Symbolic Language of the Tarot

Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at 12.36.35 PMI’m very excited to announce that I have just launched my online Tarot Course: Exploring the Symbolic Language of the Tarot!

In this course, Exploring the Symbolic Language of the Tarot, we will explore and learn to read the symbols, the numbers, the astrological associations, and the archetypes expressed in the cards of the Tarot deck, as well as explore, practice, and develop tapping into our intuitive insights and messages to read the cards. We will journey through each of the 22 Major Arcana cards in depth, and learn the symbolic, numerological, and elemental language of the 56 Minor Arcana cards.

* Over 4 Hours of Video Content

* Thirty-Five Downloadable PDF’s for All the Lessons

* Learn How to Put it All Together & Do Readings

* Journaling Exercises to Develop Your Intuition

* Bonus Tarot Meditations for Further Intuition Development

To view the free previews and to sign up for the course, click here!

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Protection from Negative Energy & Respecting Boundaries

I’m back to making spiritual vlogs and discussion videos on my YouTube channel! I felt it would be helpful to post this one, Protection from Negative Energy & Respecting Boundaries, here since I’ve had countless readers and clients over the years ask me about these topics…

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Revelations from the Depths of the Psyche


The unconscious realm, the psyche, is a mysterious place. We journey there every night, experiencing strange and unusual things, yet these very things, if we allow them to percolate – sometimes for years in our dream journals or sometimes for a brief meditation session –  can bring us great awakening and healing revelations about ourselves from the dark depths of the psyche.

Those of you who have followed me for years know that I have what I call “dream series.” A major one over the last several years has been my “house dreams” (see last post: Home Sweet Home here). These continue to come, but a new constant in them has shifted their message: it’s always nighttime. Each time I return to my old home, I know that I am just visiting, and the darkness of nighttime symbolizes that I am going deeper into the depths of my own psyche.

A couple of recent “house dreams” (a house often represents the psyche in dreams) have now led me to a deeper level of healing that is taking place:

2/19/2018: I’m at my old house, and the couple left so I could be there. It was night and dark and no lights on inside. I was in the living room area. I was meeting with and/or deciding on which “boyfriend” to take back with me. 

5/04/2018: I’m at my old house, and it’s nighttime again. I’m in the dining room/kitchen area. A friend was at her car trunk outside and then bringing in a bed frame. There was some discussion about king size versus queen size.

Same night: I’m at a picnic, and my “husband” was there standing by some glass doors. Two much bigger men were approaching him. I ran over to protect and defend him, and I hoped he wouldn’t feel e-masculated or offended. 

Many years ago in the past I had dreams where my inner masculine appeared as a young boy – weak, undeveloped, and wanting to be loved. I have done a lot of work to nurture, support, and allow to grow this aspect within myself in recent years, learning to assert myself and my needs, among other things. Now he is grown up, appearing as my “other half”, as my “boyfriend” or “husband.” Deep within I seem to be deciding to accept him and take him with me/my inner feminine; it doesn’t have to be him/king or her/queen who wins all the time. I need to allow my inner masculine be his masculine qualities, instead of my inner feminine trying to protect him like a small boy.

Though I consciously feel both aspects of my psyche are reasonably well developed, I have recently had the revelation that they might not be working together in an equal and integrated way. I now need to learn how to healthily integrate my inner masculine and feminine energies, or maybe this process is already happening deep within my unconscious…

5/11/2018: I was talking to a friend, who was a friend’s boyfriend. I was trying to see if they were a good match. He kept insisting that they were, though he pointed out that I had only spent a lot of time with each of them separately.

5/16/2018: I was in situation somewhat like the “Bachelor” show, and I was trying to be the match for the guy. I knew in the dream that he was my inner masculine.

The dreamworld is a fascinating place that tries to reveal to our conscious minds what is going on deep within. I will have to do much more self-reflection and meditation on this integration process, since it was quite a revelation to me that these two sides of my psyche have been seeking to come into balance and become whole.


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Animal Spirits: The Fly

Lately as one of my daily practices, I’ve been pulling a card from The Goddess Knowledge Cards both for inspiration and to learn about goddess symbolism from cultures around the world. When I turned the light on in my office this morning, I noticed a fly on the ceiling above my desk, as if watching me (and it stayed there for hours). Not long after I pulled a goddess card, and much to my surprise I pull a card about a fly goddess, named Etain:


Etain, whose name literally means “shining one,” was a Celtic moon goddess, the second wife of Midir, king of the underworld. Midir’s first wife, Fuanmach, was jealous of Etain and turned her into a fly. Falling into a glass of wine, Etain drowned. She was reborn and married Eochaid, a fertility god. Midir challenged Eochaid to a game of chess; the result was that Etain must spend half her year underground and half on earth. 

Etain is especially a symbol of fertility, of vitality and life of all growing things. A goddess familiar with both life and death, she teaches that wherever we are, on earth or in the depths of the underworld, we too can be shining. 

Etain’s story is very reminiscent of that of Persephone from Greek mythology, who also spent half the year in the underworld, when the crops and plants died for the winter, and half the year on earth, when the ground had become ripe with fertility and creative abundance flowed forth. Both goddesses are symbolic of the cycle of life and death, as is the animal spirit, the fly.

Though the fly may not at first seem like an animal spirit to get excited about, it is through the fly’s “dirty work” of eating feces, dead creatures and plants, and decaying food, breaking it down to create fertile earth, that enables life to continue on earth. Flies are an important part of the continuous cycle of life -> death -> life… They create abundance from waste, new life from death.

The Fly Symbolizes:

  • Rebirth & Resurrection
  • Fertility, Creativity, & Abundance
  • Resourcefulness & Recycling
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Animal Spirits: The Goose

Lately there has been a flock of geese that has been passing directly over my home and sounding their horns both in the morning and in the evening as the fly to and fro. Currently I am working on my second fairy tale, and so I immediately thought of Mother Goose and her fairy tales the first time my geese encounter happened. Being a new mother this felt even closer to home, as the goose is very protective of their young, and I felt a sense of affirmation that my baby is also watched over by Spirit.

Geese are also protective and faithful to any in their own flock and will never leave one behind. They work as a team, communicating with their horns or honks, and anyone who has gotten too close to a goose knows that they are not afraid to show their bravado. As migratory birds, the animal spirit goose can symbolize one’s soul’s or one’s personal journey.

The Goose Symbolizes:

  • Protection of the Young & the Weak or Ill
  • Fellowship, Community, & Comradery
  • Teamwork & Communication
  • The Soul’s Journey
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Animal Spirits: The Lobster

This yellow lobster was caught by Jim Coffin, of Brunswick.A few nights ago I had a very interesting dream that had three different animal spirits in it: raccoons, lobsters, and crows. I’ve written about crow symbolism here, and raccoon symbolism will come. In this post I will focus on the lobster.

A brief summary for those who are curious: In my dream the lobsters were yellow – an extremely rare color. About 1 in 30 million lobsters are yellow. They also kept growing or getting bigger, and one had attached itself to my jacket.

Lobsters are solitary and strong creatures who, as they grow, must molt or shed their outer shells, which provide protection. This process of molting is symbolic of regeneration and transformation, while the process of releasing hard outer shells represents transcending fears and blockages of the ego or mind, reminding us to let go of our attachments or whatever we are gripping onto. The lobster’s growth and molting is continuous throughout its lifetime, showing us that our cycles of inner growth and healing are continuous as well.

Emotional regeneration, transformation, detachment, and inner growth are all processes that involve deep introspection to trigger deep emotional healing and bring it up from our psyches to our conscious awareness. The lobster that had attached to me in my dream reminded me of the lobster in the Moon card of the Tarot. This lobster is coming out of the water, bringing forth wisdom, insight, emotions, and intuitive guidance from the depths of the waters of the psyche to the surface of consciousness.

The Lobster Symbolizes:

  • Seeking Solitude & Finding Deeper Meaning Within
  • Inner Growth & Transformation
  • Healing & Regeneration
  • Strength & Patience
  • Bringing the Unconscious to Consciousness
  • Psychic Awareness
  • Shedding of Emotional/Mental Attachments
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Returning to a Yoga Asana Practice

For most of this past year my yoga Asana practice has been on hiatus due to a very challenging pregnancy and traumatic labor that led to an emergency c-section. All things considered, I am healing well and am now slowly returning to a yoga asana practice as part of my healing process.

Now begins the study/practice of yoga. – Yoga Sutra 1.1

As I begin, I remind myself of ahimsa. Ahimsa is the first Yama of the first limb of yoga, and it is an important foundation to all the other yoga practices as well as for life. Ahimsa translates as non-violence (it can also be translated as Love), and being gentle and loving to my physical form is important and necessary for recovery. About 15-20 minutes of Asana and Pranayama is my limit, yet I can already feel how not only my body, but my energy, my mind, and my emotions are coming back into balance, helping me to process all the thoughts, worries, and feelings of my childbirth experience.

Yoga is the practice of bringing stillness to the fluctuations of the mind.           – Yoga Sutra 1.2

More importantly, however, my return to a yoga asana practice has helped me to center myself back into my own Self.

Then the Seer/Self abides in his own nature.  – Yoga Sutra 1.3

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