Full Moon Yod – What Is the Finger of God Pointing at?

When I first pulled up the chart for the February 27, 2021 Full Moon in Virgo, I immediately noticed the Yod, in which the Full Moon is at the apex, the point, that position in the chart which the Finger of God is pointing at.

A Yod in astrology is when an isosceles triangle is formed, with two planets at the base (not necessarily at the bottom of a chart) forming a sextile of 60°, and another is at the apex, forming a quincunx of 150° to each of the planets at the base of the triangle.

Yods can be intense configurations, especially in a natal chart, signifying areas of life or experiences that require adjustments, deep healing, and acceptance of mystical or divine forces at play. When activated by a transiting planet, there can be an inexplicable need, desire, or urgency for change, even upheaval, in one’s life. Though major changes both internal and external can be difficult, Yod activation often leads to layers of healing – from the past, past lives, and ancestral healing – that leads to a more focused sense of purpose and direction. The planets involved and the signs and houses in which they are positioned will give greater details if one has a Yod in their natal chart.

The Yod in the chart for today’s Full Moon shows the Finger of God pointing at the Moon at 8° of Virgo. Full Moons often bring something to our conscious awareness, lighting it up fully for us to see. At the base of this Yod, is Saturn at 8° of Aquarius and Chiron at 7° of Aries, showing that whatever comes to light with the energy of this Full Moon will trigger Saturnine transformation and Chironic internal healing, especially for those who choose to embrace the changes and adjustments brought to our attention with this energy.

For more on this Full Moon, check out my astrology video:

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4 Responses to Full Moon Yod – What Is the Finger of God Pointing at?

  1. TamrahJo says:

    I had a chart done some years ago by one who hadn’t ever seen Yod in a chart before and I appreciated this post, cuz I had forgotten the ‘name’ of the Finger of God – – now, as then, such things give me hope to carry on – and well – for me, whether astrological chart, or Tarot (STILL appreciating the tool of Tarot to ‘dive deeper’ into myself, Hope, etc. – thanks for the class!) I still default to a paraphrased saying (Cicero?) that I ran across in my youth, “A true astrologer doesn’t tell another the date they will die. Their job is give hope so the client can see the possibilities.”

  2. Really appreciated the meditation on creativity, vision & drive. Thank you Julie. Ari

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