Sigilla Mediaevalia, The Medieval Sigils Tarot

The tarot is a system of ancient knowledge, wisdom, and archetypes spoken through the language of symbols: of numbers, of elements, of astrology, and of pictures. Symbols, archetypes, and wisdom in essence are abstract, meaning they exist as ideas, thoughts, or concepts, but do not have a physical or concrete existence. Tarot cards, therefore, can be seen as concrete representations of abstract knowledge. 

Sigilla Mediaevalia, The Medieval Sigils Tarot, is a hand-painted 78 card Tarot deck, conceived and created as a truly abstract Tarot deck. To work with this deck, we must allow ourselves to read the cards subconsciously to bring what we need to know at a given time to our conscious awareness.

Whenever we speak of [symbols] we move in a world of images that point to something ineffable. We do not know how clear or unclear these images, metaphors, and concepts are in respect of their transcendental object…there is no doubt that there is something behind these images that transcends consciousness. Carl Jung

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