The Fine Lines: 44 Meditation Cards, Companion Workbook, & Journal

The_Fine_Lines_Cover_for_KindleThe Fine Lines: 44 Meditation Cards for Intentional Living, Traversing The Fine Lines Workbook, & Journal

by Julianne Victoria

My intention for these meditation cards is that they inspire us to grow as we contemplate on the subtle, yet profound, differences in ways of thinking, feeling, and being. By spending time meditating, contemplating, and journaling on these fine lines, we embark on a journey of self-discovery that can lead us from conditional living to intentional living.

Traversing The Fine Lines, The Workbook, with meditation & journaling prompts to journey with, through, across, and between The Fine Lines, can be purchased here.

The Fine Lines (blank) Journal can be purchased here.

The Fine Lines Meditation Cards can be purchased here.