Healing From the Inside Out

It’s that nagging cold that just won’t go away,                                                                           the back stiffness that’s been healinglayersthere on and off for years, or that inexplicable pain in the hip that makes activity impossible. These common “every day” ailments are, well, all too common. We seem to live in a world where having something wrong with us is almost the norm, and to alleviate the symptoms, we look for external solutions, such as physical therapy and pain pills.

Don’t get me wrong, medications, therapy, surgery, etc. definitely have their place and will often successfully treat an illness or injury. What about when these means aren’t successful or helpful? And I’m sure most of us can think of someone we know who is always getting sick or who continually hurts themsleves. We can do our best to take care of our physical selves by eating well, being active, and stretching, but our bodies do not exist separately from our emotional and spiritual selves. Whenever we get sick or injured, there is always an emotional/spiritual component. The challenge is figuring out and understanding what that is and how it all connects.

Some examples: Hanging onto anger or hurt could create stomach and intestinal problems. Working in an environment where co-workers are back-stabbing, could cause muscle spasms and hypertonicity in the back and shoulders. Having a roommate who doesn’t clean at all, could contribute to that pain in the neck that won’t go away.

If we gave our emotional and spiritual health as much attention as we do to our physical health, we’d live healthier lives and heal more quickly when we do get sick or injured. Whether it’s talking to a therapist, letting go of a grudge, or just spending ten minutes a day practicing meditation, there is something we all can do to heal from the inside out. We are a whole interconnected system of body, mind, and soul, and to be truly healthy, we need to be aware of and take care of all aspects of our being. There is a common saying out there: Our issues are in our tissues! If we ignore our issues, our tissues will let us know.

About Julianne Victoria

I am a Spiritual Counselor, Shamanic Healer, Writer, & Creator. I hope to help heal, teach, and inspire others on their souls' journeys and in this life. © Julianne Victoria and Through the Peacock's Eyes Press under the Common Law Copyright www.juliannevictoria.com
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  1. Oh, I like that one: “our issues are in our tissues.”

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