Having Faith in the Body’s Messages and Its Ability to Heal

Both from personal experience and from my experience                                                          as a healer for the past twelveEnergyBody years, I have witnessed the body’s amazing, yet natural, ability to heal. Unfortunately we often ignore, misinterpret, or are just unaware of the messages our bodies are telling us, and of the healing they are trying do. By tapping into our intuitive sense, by trusting those feelings and seemingly random thoughts about our health, and by listening to the physical messages our bodies send us, we can detect imbalances in our bodies and develop faith in our bodies’ ability to heal.

Trusting Intuition

In order to trust in our bodies’ ability to heal, we first have to trust our intuition. Have you ever had a “gut feeling” that you were getting sick or that an ache or pain was a sign of something more serious developing? These feelings or thoughts are our bodies trying to tell us something. It is all too easy to say to ourselves that we feel just fine or to take an aspirin to make the pain go away. However, ignoring our intuition doesn’t prevent that cold or illness from coming on. If we have faith in our intuition, we may be able to get extra rest to stave off that cold or go to the doctor to detect and treat an illness before it becomes something serious. Trust those gut feelings.

Listening to What Our Bodies Are Telling Us

Beyond trusting our intuition about our health, our bodies physically try to tell us what is going on. Pain is an indication that we are sick or injured, but pain is also a sign that our bodies are working hard to heal themselves. When our bodies are healthy, everything feels good. When our bodies are healing, things ache. As I’ve often told my clients, the process of healing, whether it’s fighting an infection or repairing a wound, hurts. That is the body’s way of telling us that it is on the job, working hard to get things back to a state of health.

Aches and pains are the most obvious signs of healing taking place, but there are other ways our bodies tell us that our health has been compromised and healing is in order. These signs can manifest as unusual tiredness, sleepiness, and fatigue and/or as mental fogginess, trouble concentrating, forgetfulness, and insomnia. By listening to these messages from our bodies, we can arrange to get more rest, set time aside for meditation and relaxation, make sure we are getting proper nutrition and hydration, and if our intuition is sensing something more serious is brewing, visit the doctor.

Our Bodies Will Heal on Their Own

For common illnesses, such as a cold or flu, and for minor chronic and acute injuries, if we give our bodies proper care, rest, nutrition, and hydration and if we don’t put toxins into our bodies, they will heal on their own. Even with more serious illnesses and injuries that require medical treatment, if we respect and treat our bodies well, they will heal faster and recover better. Have faith in your intuition, the messages of your body, and in its ability to heal, for as Nietsche said: There is more wisdom in your body, than in your deepest philosophy.

– This article first appeared in New Spirit Journal.

About Julianne Victoria

I am a Spiritual Counselor, Shamanic Healer, Writer, & Creator. I hope to help heal, teach, and inspire others on their souls' journeys and in this life. © Julianne Victoria and Through the Peacock's Eyes Press under the Common Law Copyright www.juliannevictoria.com
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8 Responses to Having Faith in the Body’s Messages and Its Ability to Heal

  1. girlseule says:

    I think people do need to listen to, and trust their bodies more. I am a nurse and I often feel as though people are handing their illness over to us at the hospital and saying “It’s your illness now, fix it!” I don’t think we focus on the importance of diet enough in western medicine, but that said, there are plenty of people out there to whom if you say “you know a change in diet could lower your blood pressure” would say “ahhhh just give me the pill love”.

  2. fredphillips says:

    I too am a firm believer that by addressing the emotional root cause and adopting a healthy diet, the body can heal itself of just about any condition. Cheers!

  3. Carrel Sheppard says:

    The conscious energy of our bodies has access to all wisdom. If we listen to our body we’ll be smarter too. 😉

  4. kartikasays says:

    Very true! We need to pay attention to our body and listen to it’s wisdom! K

  5. augusta says:

    IMO you have described the body dialog so well, and for me it is one of the great pleasures. –Aggie

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