The Name of God

Blazing Light of Glory

vibrationsThe next section of lessons from A Course In Miracles since our last review (lessons 171-180) often mentions and talks about the Name of God: Lesson 183: I Call Upon God’s Name And On My Own, and Lesson 184: The Name Of God Is My Inheritance. In my post The Word and Voice of GodI discussed: “When we become quiet and still, when our minds stop chattering about our grievances and fears, our souls within our bodies will “hear” the divine vibration of God’s word and voice; and as we become full of nothing (see this post), we free ourselves to be empty vessels ready and willing to be filled with the reverberating echoes of the voice of God.” But, what is the Name of God?

From Lesson 183: And should you join a brother as you sit in silence, and repeat God’s Name along…

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