The Number Nine in Astrology & Tarot

hermitHappy New Year everyone! The year 2016 is here! I’ve been contemplating the numerology for this year for me personally, but I’d like to share some of the general numerology symbolism of the year 2016, which adds up to the number nine, and what it symbolizes or represents in astrology and tarot.

In astrology the 9th house (of 12) is considered the most auspicious, or luckiest, house, as is the 9th sign (of 12) of the zodiac, Sagittarius. These both symbolize spirituality, religion, philosophy, foreign or distant travel, higher (University or spiritual) education, and publication. Jupiter is the planet that rules Sagittarius (whichever house number this is in your chart) and is the natural 9th house ruler. Jupiter represents expansion, growth, fortune, and good things coming in.

The number nine itself is a number of completion, abundance, auspiciousness, harvesting, and gratitude. When it comes up in the tarot it can also symbolize amplification beyond the self and adding to others’ vibrations. However, in the tarot there is something else that stands out about the number nine cards – they all contain solitary figures:

Let’s begin with the major arcana number nine, The Hermit. The Hermit card is about following or seeking one’s spiritual path and inner light or guidance, and trusting and having faith in that guidance. This path must be undertaken by one’s Self by oneself. It does not mean you must withdraw completely from society, but it does require some time spent alone in meditation, contemplation, self study, etc.

nine_wandsThe nine of wands is the minor arcana card of strength. This lone figure has withstood a lot, and he has healed most of his wounds. He did it alone through his own strength – physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual strength – and has grown and become stronger from the experience.


nine_swordsThe nine of swords is called the card of cruelty. It shows a woman awake at night, distraught, stressed, worried, and/or ill. She is alone in the darkness, possibly feeling hurt emotionally by others or by her own dark shadows. She may be afraid of the dreams or nightmares she has been having due to all this, but it is in the darkness of her own psyche where she will find the answers to her healing.

nine_pentaclesThe nine of pentacles is the card of gain. It shows an independent, well-to-do woman in her garden with a falcon. Sometimes I call this card the lady of the manor card. She has gained greatly through her own effort and seems self-sufficient and financially independent.


nine_cupsThe nine of cups is the card of happiness and is also called the wish card. Everyone loves when this card comes up in a reading! But notice how the man, though he has an abundance of cups (money, goods, material things), he sits alone, as if there is no one to share his wish having come true with. He is happy, yet solitary in his happiness.


In this numerological year number nine, remember to have gratitude and show appreciation to the Universe, others, but also to yourself for all you have accomplished, overcome, and experienced up to now. 2016 calls for many of us to bring the old to completion, but in that process to learn about ourselves and our Selves through going within, meditation, independent inner (and outer) work, and by facing our own shadows and fears. This is a spiritual year, and may we all grow from the inside out!

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12 Responses to The Number Nine in Astrology & Tarot

  1. Really lovely, Julianne Victoria. I appreciate what you’ve woven together here, and definitely see some nice, affirming keywords and themes! May it be so. 🙂 Happy 2016, and Happy New Nine Year. xoxo Jamie

  2. Meredith says:

    Good read, Julianne, and happy New Year. I think you probably have a strong kinship with the nine of pentacles… 😉
    Happy New Year, and thank you for the wealth you share in all your reports and teachings. Meredith

  3. lisaruth240 says:

    thanks for sharing detailed article

  4. Happy new year Julianne xxx barbara

  5. alainafae says:

    A very insightful read, thank you for sharing

  6. litebeing says:

    Happy New Year Julie!
    I really enjoyed this post. 9 is one of my favorite numbers and I like that we are in a 9 year. With my 9th house stellium one would think I am incredibly lucky. Maybe I will see it that way in retrospect. Very interesting about the 9 tarot cards 🙂

    love, Linda

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