Fractals: Patterns of the Universe Within the Universe

Fractals…they are all around us, in Nature                                                                               and in the Universe. Fractals are mathematicalFractal1 sets, from which arise detailed patterns of self-similarity, which means the pattern of a given fractal repeatedly repeats itself. The Universe itself is full of repeating patterns, from electrons circling an atomic nucleus to moons orbiting planets and planets orbiting stars. Fractals: patterns of the Universe within the Universe within the Universe…ad infinitum.

Fractals In NatureRomanBroccoli

The term fractal was coined by the mathematician, Benoit Mandelbrot, who also saw these detailed repeating patterns in Nature: the patterns in leaves and the vessels of the circulatory system, in clouds and ocean waves, in snowflakes and crystals, and even in the patterns of vibrations and sounds, such as heartbeats.

Order Within the Chaos

At first glance, the detailed patterns of fractals look chaotic, but as we take a closer look and see the patterns of self-similarity, we become aware that there is order beneath the chaos. Similarly from quantum physics to astrophysics to metaphysics, we are just beginning to see and understand the order within the seeming chaos of the Universe.

Spiral Galaxy



There is purpose and order to everything, for everything is part of All. Like the beautiful patterns of fractals, we are all connected and interconnected pieces of a whole and pieces of the One. Our interconnectedness is a fractal of life. It is a pattern of Being in the Universe within the Universe within the Universe…ad infinitum.

Video: Mandelbrot Fractal Odyssey

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15 Responses to Fractals: Patterns of the Universe Within the Universe

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  2. wonderful post, referred here by soul magnitude! she’s got excellent taste so follow you I will!

    I adore peacocks, great theme


  3. This is really cool. I think that fractals are based upon the Fibonacci math formaula
    As shown here:


  4. metaphyzgirl says:

    Great blog, I have reblogged this with a link to you on my site. Namaste my friend.

  5. metaphyzgirl says:

    Reblogged this on metaphyzgirl ~ Reiki Master & Quantum Holographic Echo Healing ~ Therapist and commented:
    love this blog just had to reblog it! Go take a look via the link.

  6. I have often thought in the same vein – wow – your writings do appear to emanate from the mind of the godess of learning, music, poetry and dance – the blog icon – so apt – imust return to savour more

    • Thank you for your kind words! Namaste!

      • no kindness intended – i was always intrigued by the folding of hands in namaste here in india – having spent 40 years away as an indian diplomat overseas – till i discovered that the greeting was not to me or you but our souls – the eternal essence in all things – thats when i began my blog after retirement from the service recently – to research – its called search for the soul first in hindu thought but i propose to go on in christiam, muslim and new age thought too – wonder if u ever read SEAT OF THE SOUL by gary zukav/ changed my life and thinking – that i will research later after the hindu bit is over lol – would really appreciate your profound inputs to enlighten me further in this research/ very good wishes fellow soul

      • I have not read Seat Of the Soul. I will add it to my list though. I’m following your blog now, and will definitely comment/give input when I can. 🙂 Best wishes and blessings to you as well fellow soul!

  7. It is a beautiful site.Discovering these similarities is a very energizing process. It makes you feel more a part of life and indicates a presence of innate intelligence within all organism and minerals.

  8. Reblogged this on Blazing Light, Love's Song and commented:
    This very well written post from “Through the Peacock’s Eyesf” blog goes well with Physics and Consciousness 9: Dimensions and Fractals.

  9. TamrahJo says:

    Fractals are Awesome! Beautiful post and pics.

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