Butterfly Journal 8th Month: Expansion (Entry #2)

Indra's Net

Indra’s Net

In the last journal entry, I discussed how to stay grounded as we expand through our empathic abilities and compassion, and how our breath connects us to every other human, animal, and plant on the planet. Our breath also connects us to the entire Universe and all that is created in it. Our breath is Prana – our life energy and the breath of the soul. It is the vital force of the True Self. Your breath is my breath and vice versa. Our life force is one and the same.

In my post, The Universe Is All of Us, I discussed how physically interconnected we all are to everything in the Universe from the animo acids in our DNA to the iron in our blood. Each one of us and everything animate and inanimate in the Universe is interconnected on all levels, from the gross physical level to the most subtle spiritual level. As we grow in expansion, we will become more and more aware of the layers of the intricate web of our interconnectedness, and this greater awareness will lead us towards greater reverence and compassion for our neighbors, animals, strangers, Mother Earth, and All.

When we look at astronomy and astrology, we discover that they are maps or blueprints that our souls made to guide us in our current lives in order to aid our growth and expansion. The astronomy is on the gross level; the astrology is on the subtle level, but when taken together, they provide a way for us three dimensional beings to “see” into the layers and layers of interconnectedness of the Universe.

DharmaCrossMany of us have heard and read a lot about the the Grand Cross or Grand Square that is exact beginning today and for the next few days. This Grand Cross is occurring in the Cardinal Signs (this is Western Astrology in this post): Aries transited by Uranus, Cancer by Jupiter, Libra by Mars, and Capricorn by Pluto, which will ignite (cardinality and Mars) major transformation (Pluto) that leads to expansion (Jupiter) through some sudden, unexpected, surprise, or bigger-than-expected happenings (Uranus) on both the personal and global scale. Much written about this sounds upsetting and troubling, but that is if we are attached to the past and fearful of change, which is contracting. Instead if we shift our perspective and see that the Grand Cross is providing many of us with a kick-start and a big push for the next stage of our growth and metamorphosis, we will feel more at ease with the changes already occurring and with the unknown and surprise changes that have already been set into play for us. Let’s embrace this opportunity for expansion!

Personally, this Grand Cross at 13° of the Cardinal signs hits exactly my IC (Imum Coeli) in Aries, my MC (Medium Coeli/Mid-Heaven) in Libra, and my Saturn in Cancer at 13°! Whew!!! Changes in my life have already begun, and I know there is much much more to come. I feel I have just begun to expand into this next stage of my life.

images-7The number 13 is often a feared number and considered unlucky, but as with all things, a shift in perspective and energy can change that. In the Major Arcana of the Tarot, the Death card is number 13. This card symbolizes major change and transformation on an inner, emotional, psychological, and spiritual level, though it may be through changes in the physical world that the inner metamorphosis comes about.

During this time of great growth, transformation, and expansion of our own beings, of society at large, and of the whole planet, we are being ignited and awakened to connect to others through compassion and to see more clearly the interconnection that we already have. This time of accelerated expansion is necessary, for in truth we are never not growing. Let us all resurrect our souls to the next level of expansion, awareness, and love!

Happy Easter to All!

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14 Responses to Butterfly Journal 8th Month: Expansion (Entry #2)

  1. I always love to come and read your posts.. I have missed so many I know as I have tried to have my ME time away from the blogging world so emails were set to off… 🙂 I love how you have entitled this the moth of expansion.. This is so how I feel at the moment.. as If I want to dance and shout for joy… its as if I have come alive this month.. Much happier with ME.. :-)… Many thanks for your wonderful insights Julianne .. Your posts always resonate with me.. 🙂 xxxx Love Sue

  2. its difficult going across the planet to NYC – going further west would be a pilgrimage which is not possible yet – but yes when i post on eastern astro i know you may be there.

  3. Julianji, your knowledge of mystical astrology always makes me gasp – you must know so much more than we ordinary mortals about the influence of planets – though i dont profess to know much about Western astrology or the grand Cross factor , my next book and project is to introduce the West to Eastern or Indian astrology – then it would be great to have your comments – as you know Eastern astro. is lunar and based on asterisms, with birth charts being lunar rather than solar. Also thanks for visiting every post I make – honours me greatly – wish i could meet you – i visit my son in the USA, New York every summer, this time in July.

    • Indrajit, you are so kind and sweet! Thank you! You’re next book project sounds amazing. I’d be wonderful to meet you, but I live on the other coast of the US in San Francisco. You are welcome to hop across from New York if you can. I have actually never been to NY, but you never know where life will take you (or me)! 🙂 Namaste my friend _/l\_

      • the project was completed several years ago – then i launched 2 other books – one on the Gita and another recently on my family’s 1000 year history at the Jaipur literature Festival ( most famous fest. in Asia) – now i shall proceed to find a publisher for the first book lying dusty on a shelf – ”Stellar India” – will begin with a few chapters abbreviated here first – thanks

      • Your books sound wonderful Indrajit! Looking forward to reading them! 🙂

  4. Happy Earth Day!
    You are being initiated into the earth goddess sisterhood: http://fiestaestrella.wordpress.com/2014/04/22/enter-the-earth-goddess-from-self-to-community-and-back-again-love-circle-3/
    ~love & joy~ Ka Malana @ fiestaestrella Thank you for being such a loyal friend to so many!!!

  5. Wonderful post Julianne Victoria. Happy Easter to all.
    Marty’s Mom

  6. speedyrabbit says:

    Happy Easter!xx Rachel and Speedy

  7. great post Julie and I love the images you provide, gorgeous!
    You have been on my mind lately, hope you and the pups are well 🙂
    Happy to hear the transits are working with you and for you as well. Please read my post on the Grand Cross when you can, I so welcome your feedback!
    May blissful expansion continue to awaken mass consciousness..


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