The Fourteen Names of the Goddess


Art by Josephine Wall

On the morning of December 29th, 2013 I made this very short entry in my dream journal: I needed to know the fourteen names of the Goddess. It wasn’t a voice that told me this like in this dream; it was just a feeling that I needed to know this, and it remained with me when I woke up. I can’t remember now if it was later that day or in the following days that, as I was going through some of my post-it notes for post ideas, I came across a list I had previously made of goddesses (and gods) of the Moon or the cycles of Nature. To my surprise there were 14! This was my pre-dream list:

  1. Hecate – Greek goddess of the Moon, sorcery, and crossroads.
  2. Cailleach – Celtic goddess of winter, known as a hag or veiled one, sometimes the crone aspect of Brigid.
  3. Brigid – Celtic goddess of spring, the hearth, and medicine.
  4. Demeter/Ceres – Greek/Roman goddess of grains, fertility, and the cycle of life.
  5. Persephone – Demeter’s daughter and goddess of vegetation and spring.
  6. Selene – Greek goddess of the Moon.
  7. Luna – Roman goddess of the Moon, sometimes part of a triple goddess with Hecate and Persephone.
  8. Artemis/Diana – Greek/Roman goddess of wild animals, hunting, childbirth, virginity, and the Moon. She is the twin sister of Apollo, god of the Sun.
  9. Mani – Norse god of the Moon.
  10. Chandra – Hindu god of the Moon.
  11. Phoebe – Greek Titan goddess of the Moon, associated with Selene, grandmother of Artemis, Apollo, and Hecate, and oracle of prophesy.
  12. Kali – Hindu goddess of power, time, change, and death.
  13. Lilith – Though called a demon, not a goddess, in Jewish mythology she represents the dark feminine, darkness, and the night. In astrology she is called Black Moon Lilith.
  14. Black Madonna – Mary the mother of Jesus. Though originally there are likely cultural reasons for her being black, I had put her on my list as a representation of the feminine (dark vs. masculine-light) and divine mother.

At the time that I had both made this pre-dream list and subsequently received the dream message that I needed to know the fourteen names of the Goddess, I was deep into healing my psyche, my mother-wounds, ancestral karma, and emotions tucked away and lost long ago in the far reaches of my unconscious. I created a new list for the fourteen names of the goddess as my dream message told me. These fourteen names of the goddess are aspects that I needed to acknowledge and integrate into my being as a whole as part of my healing process. They are also aspects of the divine feminine that inspire me and guide me in my life. These fourteen feminine guides are:

  1. Saraswati – Hindu goddess of writing, knowledge, language, and creativity.
  2. Tara – Hindu goddess of wisdom, the Star. Buddhist goddess of compassion and liberation. Celtic mother goddess.
  3. Seshat – Egyptian goddess of language and wisdom.
  4. Kali – Hindu goddess of power, time, change, and death.
  5. Sophia – Greek and Gnostic goddess of sacred wisdom.
  6. Black Madonna – Divine Mother.
  7. Venus – Roman goddess of love and beauty.
  8. Lilith – Awareness of the shadow and dark feminine.
  9. Brigid & Cailleach / Hecate, Demeter, & Persephone – The cycles of the seasons, nature, and life & death.
  10. Freya – Norse goddess of beauty, death, and sorcery/shamanism.
  11. Quan Yin – Buddhist goddess of compassion.
  12. Mary Magdalene – She represents devotion and teaching to me.
  13. Selene/Luna – Goddess of the Moon (intuition, light, emotions, and mother).
  14. Artemis/Diana – Goddess of the Moon, animals, and nature.

These fourteen names of the goddess, or more what they represent and symbolize, are my reminders and inspiration as I continue to heal, grow, and shine for others.

About Julianne Victoria

I am a Spiritual Counselor, Shamanic Healer, Writer, & Creator. I hope to help heal, teach, and inspire others on their souls' journeys and in this life. © Julianne Victoria and Through the Peacock's Eyes Press under the Common Law Copyright
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14 Responses to The Fourteen Names of the Goddess

  1. Leeby Geeby says:

    Thank you for your wonderful insight into the divine feminine. Much appreciated. Warmest regards.

  2. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature says:

    I love this. I love all the goddesses and what they represent. Thanks for reminding me. The art is really beautiful too.

  3. Aggie says:

    Oh, but you left out Isis! I know her name has been tainted… And what about Hecate? And Ishtar?… lol what fun.

  4. Fozziemum says:

    Such beautiful names..and all with a beautiful resonance for you too…loves Bev xx

  5. smilecalm says:

    sweet names
    to bring me
    comfort, healing
    & happiness, also 🙂

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