The Number Fourteen

mooncyclesWriting the post, The Fourteen Names of the Goddessgot me pondering about the number fourteen. With my focus of this dream message having been on the goddesses, especially Moon- and Mother-goddesses, I had not thought about the symbolism and meaning of the number fourteen. So I did a little research, but the two meanings that stuck out for me are the two that I had intuitively thought of already: the cycles of the Moon and her symbolism, and the Temperance card of the Tarot.

In a Lunar Month, the period from one New Moon to the next New Moon, the Moon has a waxing cycle of ~14 days until it becomes full, and then a waning cycle of ~14 days until it is new again. The waxing phase is a period of growth, and the waning phase is a period for reflecting on that growth. These two phases symbolize the harmony and balance that is necessary between work and rest, between expressing outwardly and self-reflecting inwardly. The Moon is connected to the unconscious realm, intuition, and dreams. During the darkening time of the Moon, we have a greater opportunity to delve deep within, exploring and learning from the depths of our souls, so that we can bring new awareness to light and into our conscious world during the enlightening time of the Moon.


Temperance – The Goddess Ganga from my new Sacred India Tarot

The Temperance card of the Tarot is the fourteenth card of the Major Arcana or Trump cards. This card is a card of alchemy, of bringing together two very different things, like fire and water, and harmoniously creating something new, unexpected, even magical. It’s also about transforming what is unpleasant, base, or unwanted into something beautiful, golden, and wonderful. As with all transformation, Temperance also indicates patience.

It was only after I decided to write about the number fourteen that I remembered that the Temperance card came up in this week’s Weekly Oracle Card Reading. Subscribe to my YouTube channel, click here.


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9 Responses to The Number Fourteen

  1. TamrahJo says:

    Enjoyed, but couldn’t help a smarmy inner thought, “Take That! You folks who don’t believe in planting by the moon phase” – Sigh – I am a work in progress – – 🙂
    I embraced gardening by moon phases when I delved into what happens to plants, seeds, etc., through the phases –
    I love that looking at phases/tarot cards for people is so closely linked to the same wisdom needed for plants – for after all, it does the heart good to find we are all living things in search of the right time to sink roots or to blossom forth where others may benefit from the fruits of our labors, too – 🙂

  2. Lovely reading as always dear Julianne and many thanks for sharing… Happy Easter to you.. Enjoy Spring..

  3. speedyrabbit says:

    Hoppy Easter,xx Speedy

  4. Heather says:

    I think your reading is very accurate from the perspective of what’s going on in my life right now 🙂

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