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Body by Leonardo Da VinciThe ten-lesson section (L. 261-270) that Lovely Lisa and I completed last week was titled: What Is The Body? This was not a new topic to us, as The Course has discussed our physical bodies many times in previous lessons, and as The Course is want to do, it revisits the lessons of previous lessons more and more in depth as it courses along.

In my post On Life, Death, and Original Sin I noted an early lesson, Lesson 72: It is the body that is outside us. This is something that is difficult for most to grasp because the body, including the individual ego mind in the physical brain, is how we mostly identify ourselves. The separation from God, Nature, and others that the individual mind believes, however, is just an illusion. In the introduction for What Is The Body? an analogy for this is given:

Body by Leonardo Da VinciThe body…

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