Mantras & Music

Lokaah Samastaha Sukhino Bhavantu

May all beings everywhere be joyful!:

Om Namah Shivaya Shambho Shankara

Om, I invoke Shiva [Gracious/Auspicious One], Formless Joy, Beneficent One:

Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra (Click Here for Meaning):

Om Mani Padme Hum (Click Here for Meaning):

Shiva Sahasranama – The Thousand Names of Shiva:

Gayatri Mantra (Click Here for Meaning):

Twameva Sarvam Mantra (Click Here for Meaning):

The Prayer of Saint Francis (Click Here for Words):

Mantra to the Divine Mother: 

Om Anandamayi, Chaitanyamayi, Satyamayi, Parame Swari.

Om, She full of Bliss, She full of Consciousness, She full of Truth, She who is Supreme.

Medicine Buddha Mantra (Click Here for Meaning):

Eagle Brother (Click Here for Eagle Spirit Symbolism):

Shower of Grace:

Baba Hanuman:

1 Response to Mantras & Music

  1. dilip says:

    Lokaah Samastaha Sukhino Bhavantu our prayer before we start our yoga! And I chant the Maha Mrityunjaya when ever my mind is disturbed. You may like this version of this powerful Mantra too

    Kind regards!

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