Animal Spirits: The Lion

IndigoLionMy last post about Simba (Swahili for “lion”), my wise and patient lion king, has inspired this next Animal Spirits post. Simba was a close soul mate, someone who has walked with me in other lifetimes. The day I had brought him home, it felt like we had known each other forever. Though he was an Alaskan Malamute, he looked like a lion, walked with the same strut of a lion, and by far exhibited the wisdom, bravery, strength, and courage associated with lions.

Both Simba’s and my Western Astrological Sun signs are Leo. In astrology Leo, the lion, is the only zodiac sign associated with the Sun, making it a solar animal. Lions are fierce, fiery, passionate, confident, and powerful. All of the above qualities of the lion and its association with the Sun are why they are often used for symbols of royalty, leaders, and of leadership.

Interestingly the lion is a mostly nocturnal animal. It hunts with authority and confidence during the night. The lion is comfortable within the realm of darkness – with the subconscious, the unconscious, its intuition, and its inner knowing. The lion symbolizes a balance between the Sun and the Moon, consciousness and unconsciousness, yang and yin, etc.

imagesRight before and during the two years that Simba was loyally and nearly always by my side, I almost continuously would pull the Strength card of the Tarot. This card is ruled by Leo and is very much about inner strength, being patient, being vulnerable (the maiden), and befriending one’s desires/passions (the lion). When we don’t let our desires control us or others and when we accept the parts of ourselves or others that we are uncomfortable with, we open ourselves up to self-love, love, and being creative. (Neither of which can be rushed; patience is required.) Being courageous means living from the heart [French cor, heart], which is the seat of our soul in this physical form. The lion teaches us to live from our heart and soul.

The lion symbolizes:

  • Strength, Courage, Dignity
  • Power, Ferocity, Passion
  • Energy, Self-confidence and Self-fulfillment
  • Leadership, Royalty, Authority
  • Loyalty, Strong Family Ties, Brotherhood, Honor
  • Patience, Relaxation, and Releasing Stress
  • Wisdom and Intuition

Here’s a little lion wisdom to end this post 🙂 :


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33 Responses to Animal Spirits: The Lion

  1. Dewin Nefol says:

    Hey Julie,

    How are you?

    An interesting post offering a slightly different take on what one finds elsewhere. It makes for an engaging read.

    I am not as adept in Astrology as you, but strangely, having read a little more around your site now, and even before arriving on this posting, I imagined you were a Fire sign…there is determination and a strong sense of self about you, and a self-belief that emerges in your writing as a quiet, understated feeling of confidence and a power in the depth of your convictions. I imagine these are more easily observed attributes of a Fire sign, as are an instinctive faith in life’s goodness and an enduring optimism that carries your through moments of doubt or uncertainty. From my own experience of Fire signs, and Leo’s in particular, I have come to recognise that they always possess the warmth of knowing that it is ‘love’ that lies at the true heart of existence and as such are eager to embrace all forms of life with a much wider dispassionate kindness than others. Quite possibly, Leo’s are the natural leaders amongst mankind, blessed with certain traits and qualities that are not as openly forthright in other Astrological sign’s.

    I am an Earth sign but have in my nomadic life always been drawn in friendships towards Fire-signs. I think this is because of their shining vitality and absolute joy of life. For a Leo, experience has always led me to conclude that their approach to life is to accept it as an adventure, and to always live it with feeling. That an infectious sense of humour often polishes off a bright and positive demeanour always leaves me wishing to spend more time with in their great company.

    Whilst I do not have a majestic Lion walking at my side, I firmly believe that animals and man are indivisible by nature, and that certain animals and certain people share a commonality in their characteristic and make-up. Whether this is an actual fact or merely just a perception from our perspective is not for me to wholly judge, I can only be sure that like you, I form many clear associations with God’s creatures and enjoy their company. Butterflies in particular are a favourite of mine, and I regard them as being the most beautiful of Spirits and their cycle of birth, death and rebirth a microcosm of the totality of existence. However, I find great faith in aligning myself with, or feeling a brotherhood with the Snow Leopard. There are many attributes, characteristics and personality traits that we share. That they are a big-cat, Panthera Unica, is equally as fascinating. I had always been aware of my cat-like ways, but not so aware of other similarities. I have written a response to a particular book called The Snow Leopard by Peter Matthiessen on my Blog which delves in to certain of its characteristics and how these manifest in my life. The posting is a little convoluted, but get through the first third and it gets easier. I have tried to be eclectic in my approach and sympathetic to its nature as well as my own.

    In my own Natal chart, there is an abundance of the Element of Fire in my make-up. I am led to believe, mainly through research but perhaps also through a degree of intuition as well, that when the elements of Fire and Earth combine, the result is potentially powerful and creative. Fire provides inspiration and action and Earth looks for structure. Earth they say gives sustaining power to the creative impulse and drive for self-expression that Fire brings: somehow, and in some way, Earth grounds Fire so that the energies can be conserved and focused. The result of this energetic, yet slow release, is that I become too focused on my own world and my own ideas: that I have little concern for anything that interferes or takes me away from my goal to the point where I become disregarding or insensitive to others. Mmmm, not sure about this last part, but at least the research I’ve carried suggests that I will always remain reliable and productive! I guess Virgo Earth with a strong undercurrent of Fire isn’t so bad a character to possess.

    During my research I also saw mentioned ideas about Soul Lessons, or pathways of understanding that the Soul has to experience and master during its life time if a full integration of the Mind, Body and Soul is to be achieved. If my memory serves me, I understood it was a reference to the 7 planets and how their influence in our lives effect or affect the unfolding of our Soul. I’d be very interest to hear what thoughts you have on this, and what importance each of the Planets might have in our lives.

    I’m sorry if it always seems that I leave my comment with a question for you Julie. I am however quite fascinated to know how these things work in the context of our lives, and how influential and applicable they are to what many (not always me I am sad to say) might describe as a modern and progressive world. Thank you 🙂

    God Bless. Namaste

    DN – 05/04/14

    • Hi Dewin,
      You seem to understand fire signs well! Since you have a strong draw to them, your moon sign and/or ascendant might be fire signs. I’m going to guess it’s your moon based on what you wrote. Your cat affinity may also be a big Leo influence in your chart, or maybe you are a Tiger in Chinese astrology?
      I like your fire and earth view. Fire is creative and earth provides the nourishment for creativity. 🙂 Oh, btw, if your Western sun is in Virgo, your Vedic sun sign is likely to be Leo!
      No apologies needed. You can ask a question any time. I am putting the influences of the 7 planets on my posts list. I haven’t done that yet because there are so many blogs and websites that go through the meaning of the planets and houses (I try to write about different things, or in different ways) ;-), but you have inspired me to take a deeper approach to writing about them!
      Thank you! and Namaste _/l\_

  2. I loved your Lion wisdom and information of the Lion… I thought you may like this video too… a wonderful man who cares about Lions and their continuation on our planet.. Much love.. Sue

  3. speedyrabbit says:

    My Hubby is a Leo and I am an Aquarius makes for an interesting mix don’t you think?xx Rachel

  4. ~meredith says:

    What a cool thing to learn! How great for you to have Simba, realizing the energy of his presence, and sharing it. Great read.

  5. Paula says:

    love the lion wisdom! so that’s what simba means. shih tzu means lion dog in chinese. one has a lion costume for halloween. 🙂

  6. Love this post! I was living in Kenya when I was 24, and I remember on my 25th birthday, I was out on safari and we came upon a beautiful lioness. I had not seen one up close before then. She sat near our jeep, looked deeply, longingly at us and then basked in all her glory. She was truly posing! As I saw her saunter off, her power and strength were palpable. Thanks JV 🙂

  7. I’m not a Leo but my son is. He was THREE weeks late being born. Guess he wan’t to be a lion….I mean a Leo! Great post.

  8. Amy says:

    Very cool, Julianne!

  9. Love this – Thank you 🙂 Cherokee Billie

  10. fozziemum says:

    Beautiful Lions…always the sound of a roar that resonates with me deeply..perhaps due to my cusp being Leo …such majesty and wisdom..thanks Julianne 🙂 have a great day my sweet Hugs Bev xx

  11. ptero9 says:

    “Interestingly the lion is a mostly nocturnal animal. It hunts with authority and confidence during the night. The lion is comfortable within the realm of darkness – with the subconscious, the unconscious, its intuition, and its inner knowing. ”

    I never thought about Leo and lions this way. Makes sense to this Leonine sun sign. Thank you!

  12. This post I found enlightening and thought provoking. Thank you
    Marty’s Mom

  13. KM Huber says:

    As I am sure you have been more times than you can remember, your timing is remarkable. Thank you for this post from another Leo.

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