108 – Oneness of All

Blazing Light of Glory

indrasnet-2 The Web of the Universe

Though the intricate web of the universe is not easily seen with our eyes, all things are interconnected and interwoven into the whole that is the Universe and God. The word “universe” comes from the Latin universum, meaning the whole, but etymologically it breaks down into the Latin uni- the genitive case of unus, meaning of the one; and versus, the past participle of the intransitive verb verto, meaning to turn oneself. The Universe is that which has turned itself of the one, or more clearly, it is the turning of the one itself. The Universe, God, Brahman, Love, Consciousness, or whatever label resonates with each individual, is the One that is the Whole or All, that turns, weaves, and spins into and out of itself.

Lesson 108: To Give And To Receive Are One In Truth

Just reading the…

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3 Responses to 108 – Oneness of All

  1. Leslie P says:

    Nice post thanks for shaaring

  2. Very Good. This is a continual theme of mine also. E Pluribus Unum, One for All and All for One, No One Left Behind,…….and on and on….”and we all shine on, like the earth, and the stars and the sun.” Thanks.

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