The True Miracle: Giving

Blazing Light of Glory

What Is a Miracle? is the latest section that Lisa and I have been studying. It’s amazing – maybe you could say: it’s a miracle – that we are only 20 lessons away from finishing the 365 lessons of A Course in Miracles. Unaware that there would be a section titled, What Is a Miracle?, back in last November I wrote a post exploring the meaning of “miracle” also titled What Is a Miracle?, which you can view here, but today I am exploring a little deeper into what a miracle is. Giving Miracles In the introduction to this section, it states: A miracle contains the gift of grace, for it is given and received as one. The understanding that there is an interconnection between giving and receiving (or that which you give to another, you give to yourself) has come up before:

Lesson 315: All Gifts my Brothers Give Belong…

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8 Responses to The True Miracle: Giving

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  2. Thank you for this reminder, Julianne Victoria. What’s best about this beautiful gifting is that ‘meal’ can be defined in so many ways … whatever we have an abundance of, and we always have an abundance of something to share! Hope all’s well in my favorite home town (SF). xoxo Jamie

  3. Fozziemum says:

    A lovely way to approach either in material or spiritual or emotional ways brings happiness to our souls..a little light goes on in a dark place..and if enough little lights go on nobody need be in darkness..hugs Bev xxx

  4. Leeby Geeby says:

    Yes, the power of generosity is extraordinary. The more we give, the more we have to give. The great thing about this is that it’s not some airy fairy concept. It can be scientifically verified! That’s why I love the Tibetan Buddhist approach to giving and receiving. It’s extremely practical. Many thanks!

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