Butterfly Journal: Faith (Month 3; Entry 1)

Crystal Ball Self-ReflectionIn my last Butterfly Journal post, I discussed diving deeper into the dark reaches of my psyche to bring even deeper Truths to light: Though much of the above may sound like, and is, about deep Truths, I can go deeper. There also must have been a part of me that wanted to be here for so long, and indeed there was. This past Spring I took the Caroline Myss Sacred Contracts and Archetype Consultant Course, partly to educate myself to enhance my Life Coaching practice for my clients and partly to journey further into my own psyche and psychology for further growth. The process forced me to see and embrace a part of me that had been depleted and unconsciously rejected and then bring it into my conscious awareness.

Before I begin with this archetypal enlightenment, here is the prompt for month #3:

It can be shocking and even painful sometimes to admit to or find out the truth about something. Remember though it’s not the truth that hurts, but the realization of the lie. Once the truth is out, only then can the healing of the concealed wounds begin. The process of healing and growing can itself ache, and this is where having faith in our souls’ ability to heal helps tremendously. Having faith in ourselves and in the process of spiritual transformation brings the courage to make change.

For the third month, as you continue to self-reflect and seek the truth, drum up the courage in your heart to face your fears, knock over the obstacles, jump the hurdles, and heal any wounds that you have become aware of. You all have the ability to transform and be reborn. Believe in yourself and you will keep growing.

Taking the Archetypes Consulting Course was both exciting and enlightening. Having a background in astrology was helpful during the process of learning how to cast my archetype wheels, which are laid out according to the twelve houses of astrology. Casting my wheels was fun until I had cast the last wheel, the Cosmos wheel – that which represents our destiny (if we so choose) and impersonal Truths that dismantle our fictional stories and shadow patterns. The Truths it showed me was shocking and uncomfortable, and I had to put the coursework down for a few days to allow myself to absorb and acknowledge what had been revealed to me. These Truths revealed my path of destiny, the path of surrendering the fears of the ego to faith in the will of God/Universe.

Root Chakra, First Chakra, Muladhara

What surprised me most with my Cosmos wheel was that most of the twelve archetypes were very masculine ones and ones that I would assign to my father for his Chronos wheel of origin or core archetypes (to simplify, the opposite of the Cosmos wheel). I didn’t know what to do with this painful revelation at first, but my question/statement before casting my Cosmos wheel was about facing and healing issues concerning my father, all issues concerning support, security, safety, my roots, and especially security issues carrying over from past life experiences together – root chakra issues that still needed healing.

As I’ve mentioned in previous journal posts, my journey of the past fews years has been very much about healing my root chakra – concerning ancestors, family, mother, etc. – but now I was clearly aware of the very deeply hidden Truth that I had to dive deeper within for there were more wounds that needed healing. After my few days away from my Cosmos wheel, with faith I took a deep breath and jumped off the cliff into deeper, darker unconscious waters.


Over the course of the past several months I have slowly been able to embrace my Cosmos wheel revelations and realizations. As I dove deeper with faith in the Universe, but more importantly in myself, through the layers hidden deep within, the Light of Truth was always there to show me clarity, understanding, healing, and the wisdom all those past, ancestral, and past life experiences have brought forth.  The greatest Truth is that forgiveness, gratitude, and Love are the true antidotes for healing on all levels. Going through this process has also enlightened me, along with my dreams (see last journal post) that my animus, or masculine side, was still trying to come into balance, and I needed to embrace all these masculine archetypes of my Cosmos wheel to become a whole/healed, integrated being.


One of my pups on Mount Shasta

This past week I took a trip to hike a fews days in the Mount Shasta and Mount Lassen National Forests. Mount Shasta is said to be the root chakra of Mother Earth, and when I was hiking the mountain I received messages from the Mother that I was safe and secure and that she’d would always be there for assistance if I needed it. Earlier that morning, I had all these safety and security fears swirling through my mind, which I feel all came up so they could be purged from my system to create the space for healing while at Mount Shasta. Just as physical disease needs to purge from our bodies, so does mental and emotional dis-ease. It turned out to be an amazing and re-vitalizing day. Check out my Vlog from that day:

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7 Responses to Butterfly Journal: Faith (Month 3; Entry 1)

  1. Wow, that’s impressive, the hike up Shasta and loved the vid, slurping water sounds and all, and your contemplations. Give your fur babies a hug from me and one to you as well.

  2. Heather says:

    Beautiful picture of your dog! I just posted about faith as well tonight 🙂 The archetype wheels sound fascinating!

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