Butterfly Journal: Truth (Month 2; Entry 1)

Psyche by John W. Waterhouse

Psyche by John W. Waterhouse

Last month for the first month of Butterfly Journal, I self-reflected on why I felt it was time to return to the darkness of the cocoon and to the depths of my psyche, and I reflected on the synchronistic astrological transits of Neptune going retrograde in Pisces, and retrograde Saturn returning to Scorpio. Now for the second month it’s time to see what is truly in the darkness. Here is the prompt for month #2:

The process of self-reflection to make new beginnings requires us to be truthful with ourselves. We cannot change, grow, or move forward if we do not know where we are starting from. Being truthful with ourselves opens up pathways we may not have otherwise seen. In Truth, the journey is now underway.

For the second month, continue to develop the clarity that comes from being honest with yourself. Also, reflect upon the ways and situations that you may not be honest with yourself or others, and ask yourself: “why?”

Over the past couple of years I have often asked myself: “Why am I still living here?” Moving into the family home was only supposed to be for a few months until I figured out where I wanted to live back in my home state. It has turned into a few years. For those of you who followed along with my previous Butterfly Journal journey (see previous journal posts), you know that I ended up becoming my mother’s caretaker. After her passing a year ago, I hoped to be able to move on, but then my father became ill, and once again I stayed to be a caretaker (though this time it is not so confining since I am now able to work and build my practice, etc.).

However, as much as the ego identity of “Julie” felt trapped, stuck, taken advantage of, and frustrated during much of the past few years, I, my soul and the depths of my psyche, knew that this entire process and experience was necessary to heal ancient, ancestral, childhood, and even past life wounds concerning family members. The acceptance and understanding of this profound Truth has helped me to set aside my ego’s anger, hurt, and frustration to create the space for healing, growth, and metamorphic change.


Sorceress by John W. Waterhouse

Though much of the above may sound like, and is, about deep Truths, I can go deeper. There also must have been a part of me that wanted to be here for so long, and indeed there was. This past Spring I took the Caroline Myss Sacred Contracts and Archetype Consultant Course, partly to educate myself to enhance my Life Coaching practice for my clients and partly to journey further into my own psyche and psychology for further growth. The process forced me to see and embrace a part of me that had been depleted and unconsciously rejected and then bring it into my conscious awareness.

I must back-track a bit for you, but will work through this archetypal “enlightenment” in the journal posts to come. In 2011 and into 2012, before moving into the family home, I had a dream series in which I would kill a little boy. Yes, shocking, so much so I always woke up immediately after the murder. I also had one dream that was different, but I include it in this series because it had a boy in it. In this dream the boy came up to me and told me he loved me.

It is on the whole probably that we continually dream, but that consciousness makes such a noise that we do not hear it.   – C.G. Jung

It has only been in the last couple of months that I have come to understand what these dreams were about. In summary: my animus (the boy) was tired, weak, depleted, and under- or poorly developed … you could say I was killing it. Most of my life I have had to have a very strong animus, yang, or masculine side, fending for and supporting myself. But it’s not that my anima, yin, or feminine side was ignored in the process either. My two sides had just become so out of balance, first from one extreme (too much animus) and then to the other (nearly depleted), that if I didn’t stop or change things, I might have completely killed my animus. These dreams in my unconscious were warning my conscious self that changing my life completely was a matter of life and death.

What awakened me to this dream interpretation understanding was the process of casting my wheel of archetypes in my archetype consulting coursework, which I will go into in the next journal entry.

One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.  – C.G. Jung

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9 Responses to Butterfly Journal: Truth (Month 2; Entry 1)

  1. Amy Campion says:

    Very very relevant to me right now too. Thank you so much for this. I too am journeying deep – deeper than I think I have ever been, or certainly have ever been as an adult… I love to read entries such as this that value the darkness and don’t simply extol the virtue of light (or worse that the darkness must be banished…) In a funny synchronicity I was just speaking to a friend how I too was in my cocoon, trying to work out what is true and what is self deception, or misinterpretation… and that right now I am neither caterpillar nor butterfly, but that strange undefined squishy stuff that is somewhere between the two! 🙂

    • Thank you! Just had the thought that in that squishy state in-between there is the potential to become, create ourselves in any way possible. It’s like the Fool of the Tarot – infinite potential in the (sometimes squishy) void. 😀 Much luck on your deep, dark journey! Namaste _/l\_

  2. This stirred something in me Julianne. Thank you so much for sharing! Dreamwork is very powerful, and I haven’t done mine in a while. Thank you for the reminder. 🙂

    Blessed be. NadineMarie 😀 ⭐ ❤ ⭐ 😀

  3. Dewin Nefol says:

    Hey Julie,

    A striking read, told with heart and positive intention. Thank you.

    I am touched by your deep understanding and compassion at life’s circumstance – your generosity and kindness are to be greatly admired. As to your positive outlook and sense of personal and professional development…all passionate flames burning brightly within your hearth. You are an inspiration.

    I find your dream fascinating, both profoundly intuitive and highly aware. I wonder what course of action you will take to restore a degree of equipoise and balance? All is crossed for you. CG Jung’s work is a wonderful resource to ally our heartfelt emotions and give a degree of highly considered rationale to the psyche when it seems to move in mysterious ways to inform us of our deepest intentions.

    The Waterhouse paintings are simply stunning. A masterful painter.

    Have a wonderful week as it unfolds for you 🙂


    DN – 13/07/2015

  4. Love this post Julianne. Understanding our journey on a deep level like you describe, is exaclty how we heal and move forward. Thankyou for sharing.

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