Butterfly Journal: Self-Reflection (Month 1; Entry 2)


John W. Waterhouse: Pandora

From the last entry: So why “return to the cocoon?” you might ask. I reflected and thought about this quite a bit as Pisces Moons do… [to] reflect back upon my experience here for there is more to be learned and understood and more from my own experience that I can use to help others on their journeys. Neptune, the ruler of Pisces in Western Astrology, has also recently turned retrograde, so what better time to take a fresh dive into the deep end and see all the amazing and beautiful things I didn’t see before when I was distracted by the darkness.

Besides the Neptune retrograde transit, Saturn, who is also retrograde, recently returned to Scorpio, where he had previously been from early October 2012 to December 24th, 2014. Scorpio is my solar 4th house of home, family, mother, ancestors, past lives/karma, and the emotional psyche. If you had been following along during my last journey through Butterfly Journal (see previous journal posts), you are familiar with all the challenges and healing that took place concerning home and mother and family and…almost exactly during that very same time period of Saturn’s last stroll through Scorpio.

Today I synchronistically came across a post written by the astrologer Lynn Bell about this Saturn return into Scorpio, and what I read resonated with me deeply. This transit is signaling a time to go back and give attention to undigested emotions, to psychic free radicals. In the body, Scorpio is connected to eliminating toxins, and Saturn here wakes the residue of past emotions; it reveals the distortions in our perceptions…shows us where we may see the world through a glass darkly.” 


John W. Waterhouse: Psyche Opening the Golden Box

This return into the cocoon for me is much more than a conscious decision to explore, to look into the crystal ball of my own unconscious, and self-reflect upon the experiences, lessons, and beauty held deep in my psyche. It is also an opportunity to process and clean out emotions that I didn’t have the time or energy to digest before, but I must choose to embrace the energy of these retrograde transits of Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces to assist me in opening the box of all and anything in my psyche that still needs healing, detoxing, clearing out, and releasing concerning my 4th house. 

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2 Responses to Butterfly Journal: Self-Reflection (Month 1; Entry 2)

  1. Wonderful insights Julianne. Lots to digest and nurture. Thankyou.

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