Cosmic Retrograde Challenge: Moving Forward


Driving the Chariot through the Scorpio energy of Death, Change, and Transformation

Today I am participating in Linda of Litebeing Chronicles’ Cosmic Retrograde Challenge. I am the first of nine of us lucky bloggers who have taken on Linda’s challenge:

1- Find an item you never use or never wear but you feel very drawn to. It could be an article of clothing like a hat or jeans, or a CD that you haven’t played in years. Hang up a poster or picture that is hiding in a closet. Prepare a few meals from an old favorite cookbook that’s been neglected. Reread an old novel. Wear that old hat. Play that album. Wear an old scent that you are fond of. Watch several episodes of an old television series. Find something old that still resonates for you NOW.

2- Wear the item or use the object or perform the activity repeatedly for a minimum of one week; three weeks would be ideal.

3- Observe your thoughts and feelings to assess any significant changes.

4- Then journal or meditate on your experiences to gain more clarity.

5- Finally, blog about what you have discovered.

The name of this challenge, I believe, was inspired by the current Mercury retrograde transit. Retrograde periods are times to go back, reflect, restart, and go deeper into things depending on the planet(s) involved and the houses they transit and aspect in one’s individual birth chart. Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio. The recent New Moon was (as was the recent Solar Eclipse) in Scorpio, as are the Sun, Saturn, and the North Node. Scorpio is the sign of transitions, change, death, loss, the occult, the mystical and spiritual, and the unknown. For many this is an intense time of change and transformation. Though likely challenging, it is progress, and for me, taking on this Cosmic Retrograde Challenge is part of my moving forward.

photo-4I didn’t have an item in mind when I started, but as I looked through my things, I knew right away when I saw it. It was this Celtic knot necklace charm. I had bought it in 2005, which happened to be another big life transition time, though not on as big of a scale as this one I began in 2012. Oddly, though, I don’t think I actually ever wore it. At that time I felt I needed a lot of healing and protection, so I would alternate between wearing a peridot (for healing the healers) necklace and an amber (protection) butterfly (transformation) charm.


A knotted Ouroboros

But now I have been wearing this charm nearly every day for the past few weeks. When not wearing it, it’s been on my desk where I can see it while I am working. It’s the symbolic meanings of it that really resonate with me. The first obvious one is the Celtic knot pattern. Celtic knots (usually) have no beginning and no end. They are one continuous stream, timeless and eternal, akin to the infinity “8” symbol and the Ouroboros, symbols of the interconnectedness and oneness of All.



The Merkabah

And then there’s the shape of the charm. It is an octahedron, which is two tetrahedra (pyramids) together. If these two tetrahedra were to intersect, they would form a star tetrahedron, also known as a Merkabah, or a Chariot. Though not a star tetrahedron, when I first rediscovered this charm, I immediately said: “my Merkabah!” A Merkabah is a chariot of our souls, the divine aspect in all of us. Rediscovering “my Merkabah” reinforces my sense that it is time to move forward out of this transitional phase and into a manifestation phase.

I chose this day to write about my Cosmic Retrograde Challenge because not only is Mercury still retrograde in Scorpio, but Jupiter just turned retrograde in Cancer. With Neptune and Chiron also retrograde in Pisces, I thought fortunate Jupiter added into the retrograde mix would be ideal. But I soon realized there was much more to it. The sign of Cancer is the ruler of the Tarot card, VII The Chariot. Coincidentally, or synchronistically, according to the numerology of my birthdate, the number 7, The Chariot is my personal Tarot card.

images-9The Chariot is all about change, courage, ambition, movement, and the journey. The Chariot, however, is not about going on a trip, but about the journey of the soul, the unconscious (Cancer). Cancer is the Crab, a creature that lives both in water, the unconscious, and on land, the conscious. The movement of The Chariot is the process where the unconscious becomes reality. It is about acting on intuition for self-actualization. Insight becomes conscious, and the unconscious manifests outward. It indicates the courage to face obstacles and success in new endeavors. “My Merkabah” symbolizes that I am moving out of this “death” phase and embarking on a new phase of my journey.

The star tetrahedron, like the Celtic knot, is also a symbol of the interconnectedness and oneness of All. In Hinduism it is the Yeshi-Yoni symbol. In two dimensions it looks like the Star of David, in 3D the star tetrahedron. Yeshi-Yoni represents the spiritual union of Shiva-Shakti, the intersecting of Shiva, the limitless transformer, and Shakti, the cosmic creative energy. The two are infinitely yoked together, interconnected and One.

The Cosmic Retrograde Challenge allowed this charm to re-appear in my life, and what it has brought to me is affirmation that this phase – my death of one life and the return to my home (town and family) – is a transition that I am moving forward and out of. And of course, after all, The Chariot card is also known as the “you have to go home to leave home” card!

Thank you Linda! Check out tomorrow’s Cosmic Retrograde Challenger: Heidi at The Eagle and The Serpent.

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30 Responses to Cosmic Retrograde Challenge: Moving Forward

  1. Gneiss Moon says:

    Han & Leia delivered me here – fantastic idea post ! Saturn Rx on natal Neptuner…so I’ll grab one of my late brothers lp’s and do a tweet. I have done vinyl diving before for messages to great success and I do indeed have a pressing question !

  2. Patti Hall says:

    Love this post. I am a Cancer, but that word gives me the chills. I haven’t seen you lately, so I came looking for you:>) I posted a review on Goodreads. I loved having the book in my hands:>) I was working through a flu, so I better go check out that review and see if I got the one up on Amazon. I am saving the butterfly journal for the new year.

    • Thank Patti! I’ve been by your blog, but sometimes the like button doesn’t stick, and WP was doing all those updates. I think things were getting lost for a while. I’m here though! 🙂 I’ll check out the Goodreads review. Thank you so much! Sorry you have been sick. Remember to take care of yourself first, or you can’t take care of others. Sending Love and Light..

  3. Love this post! I wish that I wasn’t so flaky and would have taken a challenge day – I’m jealous! You did a wonderful job with the writing, as usual, and you certainly came to some realizations and had a little journey there with your pendant that waited patiently so many years to make its debut!

  4. Great post because it brings forward similar in the reader, not simply by the Linda Challenge but by that which has come back around for you. Retrogrades can be so useful and enriching. We simply have to use them!

  5. Forgive my lateness in getting around to you Julianne, as it seems I am being challenged in time at the moment as events seem to have a way of their own in teaching me a lesson in patience at the moment.. As I was so wanting to get to answer your Challenge the moment I read it via my phone… But was unable to comment until now..
    I am not surprised that your challenge re-affirmed for you your path.. And loved how you wove all your knowledge of information into this post about the charm and symbols…
    Often the symbols are there for all to see and appear when needed, the trick is knowing how to read them and understand what they tell us..
    I see you are Well versed in their Magic and how some times we have to come full circle before we move forward again…
    May your chariot carry you far my friend and keep you protected upon your own wonderful Journey 🙂
    Love and Blessings 😀

    • No worries Sue! There is no expectation that others will visit and read in a certain time frame. All our lives are different! 🙂
      And thank you so much! My Chariot is moving, and I sense it will keep gaining momentum!
      Blessings and light to you! Namaste _/l\_

  6. Jas Baku says:

    Retrogrades can be so compelling, can’t they. I’d forgotten we were in one, but yesterday wore my hair in a ponytail and put on some perfume for work ~ haven’t done either for years. It felt right though 🙂

  7. I certainly did just that too Julianne. I moved home to Louisiana 3 years ago, then to Az. last February, and recently visited LA my other home, full circle. It was a good retro trip. Really loved the post!

  8. Hi Julianne,
    I am so happy to have this glorious article start off the challenge, You did a divine job of interweaving numerology, sacred geometry, the tarot, vedic astrology, western astrology, celtic and pagan symbolism, and gemstones into your personal evolution process. I love the charm. It reminds me of a dreidel which is a toy for the Jewish Holiday Hanukah ( which arrives in November this year.) Your intuition about choosing today really served you well here. Blessings on your continued progress and self-actualization!

    Namaste my dear friend and sweet soul,


    • Thanks Linda! I’m glad I stayed up late last night to finish it. I usually don’t write well after dinnertime, but felt I needed to get this “out there” first thing this morning (scheduled it for 00:01). It all knotted together nicely! 😉
      Namaste _/l\_ dear Linda!

      • Thank you dear Julie! You are an incredible writer whose gifts serve the cosmos well in more ways than I can even imagine. They are limitless! I was actually surprised to find it in my reader at Midnight my time 🙂


  9. Reblogged this on litebeing chronicles and commented:
    Welcome to the first day of the Cosmic Retrograde Challenge. I will be popping in to update and comment along the way. Enjoy this initial offering ~ a beautiful and illuminating article by the kind and wise Julianne.

  10. Soul Fields says:

    Reblogged this on Soul Fields and commented:
    Cosmic Retrograde Challenge is a wonderful, creative idea of Linda at to connect with the astrological energies present at the moment. Here is the great first post from Julianne Victoria. From there you can also continue to read the other daily posts of this “pot luck” party of nine days.

  11. shreejacob says:

    Great opening post to Linda’s challenge, Juliane. I particularly enjoyed the information about the Chariot card and how it relates to the Cancer zodiac sign!

  12. How wonderful julianne to get this confirmation from this challenge… (as I say) to your graduation party… to ascension… I know we have worked hard to get to this stage and now it’s all about ease and grace… enjoy the rest of the journey that we are all creating now into an unknown world… Barbara

  13. reikiheidi says:

    What a great charm you have, combining the elements of the celtic knot, Ouboros, and Merkaba! May this transition prove fruitful and fortuitous for you 🙂
    Blessings be

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