Animal Spirits: The Hawk and the Falcon

Early last week as I was working on one of                                                                                my blogs, three times I heard the call of aRed-tailed_Hawk_w13-1-034_l hawk or falcon fly by above me. Like the owl I had never seen nor heard a hawk or falcon in the city before. The next day as I was walking my Alaskan Malamute pups two red-tailed hawks were circling and gliding above us for a few minutes. Again the next day, while hiking up a hill, another beautiful hawk circled around and then flew off. Birds in general are considered messengers of spirit, and with three calls and three sightings over three days, I knew this was an important message.

Hawks and falcons have very keen and clear sight, and are very observant and aware. They are also known for retaining long-term memory and the bonds of relationships. These qualities made them both excellent hunters, but also enabled humans to develop falconry, a mutually respectful hunting relationship built on loyalty and teamwork.

Hawks and Falcons represent:

  • Messages of Spirit
  • Keen Vision, Attention, Awareness, and Memory
  • Relationships and Teamwork
  • Protection, Courage, and Guardianship
  • Wisdom, Intelligence, Concentration, and Creativity
  • Truth and Illumination
  • Rebirth and Recalling Past Lives
  • Power and Understanding Energy and Healing

220px-Re-Horakhty.svgHawks and falcons are also thought to carry the souls of ancestors and assists souls on their journey back to the spirit realm. In Norse mythology, the Valkyries shape-shifted into hawks to carry the souls of slain warriors to Valhalla in Asgard, the realm of the gods.

As symbols of renewal, radiance, and healing, hawks and falcons are also affiliated with sun gods, such the Ancient Greek Apollo. In Ancient Egyptian mythology, the sun god Ra and the god Horus (sometimes these two are combined) are depicted with the head of a falcon and sometimes a hawk. As sky gods they watch over man below, and as sun god(s) they illuminate and protect the earthly realm. Ra also presides over the underworld, carrying and guiding souls that have passed on.

The number three, and trines, is an auspicious number. It represents creativity, abundance, and self-expression, all of which comes through and develops with relationships and community. The messages of my hawk encounters are many-layered, but I do know that they have affirmed that I am on the right path.

About Julianne Victoria

I am a Spiritual Counselor, Shamanic Healer, Writer, & Creator. I hope to help heal, teach, and inspire others on their souls' journeys and in this life. © Julianne Victoria and Through the Peacock's Eyes Press under the Common Law Copyright
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22 Responses to Animal Spirits: The Hawk and the Falcon

  1. Gede Prama says:

    Thank you friend, there are many inspirational articles
    and thank you for following my web and regards compassion ^_^

  2. shreejacob says:

    Thank you for the information! It is really wonderful when we are able to perceive messages like these…once in a while it’s good to have some sort of affirmation 🙂

  3. ptero9 says:

    I only became acquainted with hawks when I moved to Oregon from NY in 1991. They are everywhere out here. I have watched them soar down from high above and catch all kinds of critters, from snakes to field rats. Ahh, to be a bird! How they can see such detail from way up high is something to behold! Thanks for the mythological insights!

  4. Andrea says:

    When I was a little girl I came face to face with a redtailed hawk. I was at most 5 feet away from it as it perched on a fence. I pointed it out to my sister, and then made her think that I could talk to it. She said, “Oh if you can then send it off in that direction!” It just happened to fly away in that direction at that moment, and my sister believed in my amazing Animal Communication Skills for years afterwards. 😀

    I still have a special little place in my heart for those amazing birds.

  5. I am happy to learn of your experience, sounds very meaningful. I actually saw a hawk just yesterday, but so far, just the one. Interesting post!

  6. E.D. says:

    Birds are important in Hindu Mythology. The Swan and The Eagle, are two of their favourites.. The “Hamsa” and the “Guruda” are the given names in Sanskrit. There are many stories on line about these two birds..

  7. tiramit says:

    Thanks for this. I see these large birds quite often here in North India, usually in pairs. Really powerful images/symbols. I also just finished writing a post about them… a coincidence.

  8. That’s a nice post. I have got some senses of that bird. Also very informative.

  9. reikiheidi says:

    🙂 A beautiful post, and a beautiful message for you x

  10. I’m so happy for you!! 😉 When Hawk appears to you in a powerful way…it’s a time of great power and awakening in your life. They are not with you by chance. They bring great power with them!! Enjoy sweet sister!!

  11. smilecalm says:

    thanks, I learned something meaningful.

    still I wonder what these marvelous raptors believe humans represent.

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