Butterfly Journal 9th Month: Harmony (Entry #1)

queen_nightAs we continue to expand with greater awareness, both on the inner soul level and outwardly among others, we will see more clearly our own selves and how we can influence and affect others. Here is the journal prompt for the ninth month:

By noticing the interconnectedness of all things, we have opened our eyes to the impact all our actions, including our thoughts, emotions, energy, and intentions, can have on everyone and everything we interact with. This wisdom can deepen our awareness even more leading to inner harmony and balance, and to harmonious relationships. 

For the ninth month, develop your awareness further to bring harmony into your life. Are there still inner imbalances that you need to work through, or are there disharmonious relationships in your life? Contemplate on allowing patience and compassion to bring harmony to you internally and externally.

All the things mentioned above – actions (including words), thoughts, emotions, energy, and intentions – are all ways in which we communicate with each other, and clear and honest communication is key to harmonious relationships. When dealing with others who are not clear, dishonest, secretive, fearful, or outright deceptive in any of their means of communication, I am challenged to maintain my patience. Much of this challenge is because I empathically pick up on all those subtle forms of communication, and can feel overwhelmed, flustered, even traumatized, by these interactions. At these times, the practices I mentioned in this journal post become very helpful.

Allowing my heart to understand others’ struggles and suffering that might be driving their poor communication also allows me to see the situation with compassion. Through compassion I can see through their eyes/mind and see how I can help them in their lives and on their journeys.

Recently I had a dream that brought some communication stress and its solution to my conscious awareness: I was getting ready to go pick someone up when I saw a AA sized battery on the ground. I went to pick it up, but it had split in half the long way. I got mercury all over my fingers. I called my dad and said he had to take me to the doctor right away so I could get a shot to clear the poisoning. He was moving very slowly, though this did not stress me, and I felt I would be fine.

At first I did not understand the dream, until I started listing all the symbolism of mercury and Mercury I could think of. Though, as with all things, there are layers of meaning here, the most important message for me was about communication with my father.

Mercury (Hermes), also known as Quicksilver, which is also the name for the thermometer-like mercury that came out of the battery, is the god of communication. This dream also occurred about the same time that Mercury in the heavens transited across 13° Aries and into my fourth house of home and family, adding an extra layer of activation to the Grand Cross in my natal chart, and hopefully activating clearer and expansive communication at home and among family members.

Interestingly communications with my father, and others, has become smoother, clearer, and less stressful from all parties. This had made it much easier for all of us to see things from the other’s perspective and to respond in more compassionate and harmonious ways. As in my dream, even when in a stressful situation, slowing down to communicate clearly will allow any situation to be in the flow of harmony.

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15 Responses to Butterfly Journal 9th Month: Harmony (Entry #1)

  1. Great thoughts on communication

  2. Paula says:

    i hear you on the being challenged part. I have been a lot lately. definitely going through another ‘growth’ spurt. oh, the growing pains. 🙂 so many lessons to learn and those that i have learned and neglected. 🙂

  3. Julie! What an interesting dream – and a beautiful extrapolation of meaning. I am always so fascinated at the endless well of creative and symbolic language our dreams provide us with. Thank you for an insightful and beautiful post….and a great job of pulling it all together!

  4. speedyrabbit says:

    Interesting Dream Julianne,xx Rachel

  5. Another rich blog post, Julianne Victoria. I appreciated this in particular (sounds familiar):

    “Much of this challenge is because I empathically pick up on all those subtle forms of communication, and can feel overwhelmed, flustered, even traumatized, by these interactions.”

    And also the insight we can get from dreams, our current astrology, etc. Yes!


  6. BloomLisa says:

    You are one smart cookie Julie! Next time I have a mind-boggling dream I know who to call for a consult!

  7. Great post Julie. I really enjoyed the dream interpretation. Such a key illustration of mercury in the 4th.
    xx Linda

  8. Really like the introductory sentence–it’s packed full of meaning.

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