The World We See

Blazing Light of Glory

As our journey through A Course in Miracles progresses, the lessons have not only become longer, but more expansive and in depth. Themes and concepts repeat like a fractal expanding, showing us that the message of Truth, Light, and Love is ever-present and consistent. It is the human mind, however, that must work through, experience, and come to awareness and greater awareness throughout this journey of our souls back to God or Source. This journey takes us through continuous, transformative enlightening from the world we (the physical bodies) see to the world we (our souls) want – the world that is Truth.

Lesson 128: The World I See Holds Nothing I Want.


From Lesson 128: The world you see holds nothing that you need to offer you; nothing that you can use in any way, nor anything at all that serves to give you joy. 

Though this lesson can seem…

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