Remembering Our Oneness

Blazing Light of Glory

lao-tzu-harmonious-onenessAs I’ve reviewed my notes, circles, and underlinings in The Course from these last few weeks, I have recollected how the theme of remembering is being woven through the lessons. Regular reminders always help concepts, ideas, etc. to sink into our minds, and The Course is doing just that to help us to remember our oneness with God, with our brothers, and with All.

It is in this remembering our oneness that Love is free to flow within, throughout, and interconnecting our lives. Forgiveness and Gratitude become easy as the fears of the ego-mind and of the body-mind ease as we remember that we are not separate from God, ever. We are always safe, secure, and truly in Love.

Lesson 243: Father…We are one because each part contains Your memory, and truth must shine in all of us as one.

The word remember means: to bring to mind again; to…

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