The Key to Empowerment

Magpie Seven of FeathersAs I mentioned a couple of posts ago, I’ve begun to post Daily Insights Through the Peacock’s Eyes on my YouTube channel. For today’s Daily Insight I used the Animal Wisdom Tarot, and card that came up was Magpie, Seven of Feathers. The message that stuck out for me was the image of the key held by the magpie. As I was doing the reading (see video below), I kept having flashes of dreams I used to have about keys. This dream series probably began around 2005. For several years there were two concurrent themes to my key dream series: 1) I am getting my key back from someone, and 2) I am searching for or finding a keyhole.

With the first theme, though I was getting my key back from someone I had been in a relationship with, the dreams weren’t so much about him as they were about my inner growth and transformation process. There was a definite progression to me getting my key back in the dreams. For maybe 5 years (I would have these dreams about every 6 months) I was taking, either secretly or forcefully, my key back. Then something shifted. I would ask for my key back, and he would willingly return it. This theme of my key dream series ended in 2011 with: He show up and give me my key back.

When I had that last dream, I remember feeling both surprised and empowered. I had finally gotten all my keys – my power – back. I knew then, but understand much better now, that my psyche was healing. I am naturally very energetically permeable and used to have trouble respecting my own boundaries. This in turn allowed others too easy access (having the key) to disregard my boundaries as well. This first theme was about coming into my power at the unconscious level.

Key to Eternity

Key to Eternity by Josephine Wall

The second theme of these key dreams occurred just about as often and for about the same span of time. At that time I lived in Seattle, but all these dreams occurred in my hometown of San Francisco. In these dreams I was searching for or finding doors or very large keyholes that I needed keys for. I don’t recall ever having a key, but I do remember that in the last dream of this theme that I had, the keyhole was so large that I realized I could just walk through it. And I did.

If you’ve read any of my Butterfly Journal entries or some of my Psyche & The Dreamworld posts, you are already familiar with my journey, both conscious and unconscious. These key dreams ended not long before I suddenly knew that I had to leave all that I had and return to my childhood home. Though at that time I was not fully aware of the deep psyche and psychic healing this would entail, at least somewhere deep inside I had the key and the power to return to my roots and open up all the unconscious doors to the healing of wounds that had been closed and locked up long ago.

In the past few years I have only had four dreams (that I have remembered and recorded in my dream journals) with a key. In all them I already have the keys that I need and easily let myself in.

Natural transformation processes announce themselves mainly in dreams. ~ C.G. Jung

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7 Responses to The Key to Empowerment

  1. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature says:

    Beautiful insights, beautiful images. I was just watching a magpie today.

  2. Loved this piece. I’ve been doing dream work for years and it is amazing how loving and subtle the healing through them can be. Beautiful piece.

  3. Aggie says:

    The keyhole big enough to walk through — dreams are so creative.

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