Space in the Psyche for Growth & Expansion

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 1.01.07 PMI’ve had a couple of dreams this past week that have shown me how far I’ve come with my own inner healing within my psyche, including understanding archetypes and shadow aspects. The dream I will discuss here occurred the night after the planet Jupiter, who represents growth and expansion, entered into his own sign of Sagittarius in the Tropical Zodiac or Western Astrology system. Jupiter began transiting my 12th house of the psyche, the unconscious realm, and the dreamworld when he was still in Scorpio, the sign of transformation, and this brought extra energy into my inner transformative process. Now that Jupiter is in Sagittarius, though still in my 12th house, much is coming to the surface bringing my inner healing progress to my conscious awareness through my dreams:

11/9/18: I was going by a white colonial-style two-story house – plain, simple, and clean. There was green grass all around, and it was where the street curved. I saw that there was a “for sale” sign in front and decided to check it out. The home owner showed me around the house, which had a lot of light-colored wood inside. She said that she shared half of the house with her mother and her daughter. I thought it was perfect for me. She also showed me an attic space, which she said was “for growth and expansion.”

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 5.48.26 AM

The house in my dream looked something like this one.

As I’ve mentioned before in my Psyche & The Dreamworld posts, a house or home symbol in dreams often symbolizes the psyche, and for me the psyche is where I have been doing much, much cleaning, clearing, and healing, and for those who have been following along for quite a few years now, you know that I’ve had an ongoing series of “house dreams,” in many of which I faced a lot of clutter and messes. But not all. As time went on, as I worked to understand and heal my psyche, which has also included ancestral healing, the house in my house dreams more and more often was empty and clean.

I have had a dream or two over the past few years in which I am looking for a new home, but I do not find it. In this dream above, without intentionally looking, I’ve now found the house that is perfect for me, meaning for this stage of my healing journey and of understanding my psyche (Note: Though I do feel much has healed, I also believe deep inner healing continues on, peeling away the intricate layers towards more and more self-understanding throughout our lives.), I’ve come to a point of new beginnings, and the white, clean house symbolizes a state of awareness concerning my inner experiences and that there is space for personal and higher spiritual (the attic) growth and expansion.


However, the most significant message for me from this dream, was the woman saying she shared her home, her psyche – her personal unconscious, her subconscious, her soul, her inner workings, and you could even say her identity – with her mother and daughter, the crone and the maiden. The woman, an aspect of myself, was the mother, the middle of the Maiden-Mother-Crone triple goddess archetypes. She was the link that connected her daughter/maiden with her mother/crone. I found this significant because until the birth of my daughter, although I’ve always had animals and considered myself a “mommy-person,” I could only truly identify with the Maiden and Crone archetypes.

But now I am a mother, and just as Jupiter moved out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius, this dream brought up the message from the scorpionic depths of my psyche to my conscious awareness that I am now integrating the Mother archetype within.


To gain some insights into how the Jupiter in Sagittarius transit can bring you growth and expansion over the course of the next 13 months until early December 2019, I created Astro-Tarotscope videos for each zodiac sign. Click here for the Playlist to find the video for your sign, or click bars in the upper left corner of the video below:


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  1. Gary Leigh says:

    That is way more significant than you may be aware of. We should chat again sometime.

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